GrogCast Season 5 Episode 12 – A Cast of Many

GrogCast Season 5 Episode 12 – A Cast of Many
The GrogCast

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22 September 2017 ~

Big crowd this week: Staggerwing, Mirth, MetalDog, and Cyrano, so we’ve super-sized this episode for you.  We talk about what we’ve played this week, the weirdest or most obscure game in our collections, what’s next to hit the table, an extended riff on high-complexity monsters and whether or not they’re good or bad for the hobby, and how to play one week of Kriegspiel game action over the course of an entire year.

What games do we discuss (or at least mention)?  CNA, War in the Pacific: Admiral’s Edition, Bonaparte at Marengo, Decisive Action, AH’s Robin Hood & Hundred Days’ Battles, Bonaparte at Marengo, Fourth Reich, SPI’s War of the Ring, Pub Battles’ Marengo, Kriegspiel, VG’s Vietnam, DAK II, Civilization IV, JTS’s Campaign: Jena-Auerstadt, Swordbearer, Warehouse 13, King Arthur, Habet Hoc Habet, Kiev to Rostov, Knights of Camelot, GG’s War in the East, Sails of Glory, Empires in Arms, and that might not actually get them all.  Yes, we covered a lot of ground.

@BanzaiCat – “CNA” is short for “Campaign for North Africa”
@BanzaiCat – “GG” is short for “Gary Grigsby’s”
@BanzaiCat – “AH” is short for “Avalon Hill”

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