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ARMA3 Beta – Bohemia Interactive

Craig Handler, 16 July 2013

The Abyss

Almost seventy-five percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by her oceans.  At its deepest, the blue expanse is more than six miles below sea level.  These vast bodies of water serve as living space for the overwhelming majority of life on the globe.  It is a fact that most creatures that call the sea “home,” exist within its darkest depths.  To those who study its secrets, this deepest brine is known simply as the Abyss.

There are boundless forms of marine life in the depths of the sea; arthropods, anemones, corals and urchins.  There are fish, reptiles and even mammals.  Yet, in the blackest, most unfathomable reaches there are also…monsters.  Ruthless lurking killers who, when summoned, rise to the surface from the cold bottomless pit.  Swiftly, these beasts slither through the surf and tread upon the land, invisible to those who keep vigil on the shore just in case of their arrival.  No level of preparedness or security can hide or protect a target of their vengeance; a target whose trespass can only lead to an inevitable death in the solitary quiet of the night.  The short life left to those who offend these beasts and await their call is spent in total despair.  As each day concludes with the setting of the sun, the question lingers.  “Will the monsters come for me on this night?”  Prayers are said. Last words are spoken to loved ones. The lights are turned off and a fitful, restless sleep eventually provides temporary oblivion.

Until the monsters from the Abyss arrive.

The last chaotic moments of life are spent in complete panic stricken dread; frozen, unable to move, prevented even from screaming out for salvation.  Death is unavoidable and it has finally come.

And then, as swift and silent as their arrival, they withdraw back into the surf.  They seem to melt as they slowly disappear beneath the crashing waves. Disintegrating back into the murky Abyss of which they came.

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