Gaming Nostalgia – SSI Computer Wargames

frontier wars 728x90 KS

Folks dug the Nostalgia ads so much that we’re keeping them around, and just changing the day. Look for our blasts-from-gaming’s-past to show up on #tbt from now on, and occasionally some other day, just to keep you on your toes.


Ah yes, the early days of computer gaming. Remember the TRS-80?

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One Response to Gaming Nostalgia – SSI Computer Wargames

  1. Larry Levandowski says:

    My first SSI game was Kampfgruppe, that I purchased for my C128 in 1987. It was a great game, similar in scope to Avalon Hill’s classic PanzerBlitz. On a function basis, the game was very rich. It had an automap creation routine, and random as well as player selected force mix for WWII German and Soviet forces at the platoon level. Of course turn resolution took forever on the C128, as long as 15 min in some cases. I could even run off to the corner store and be back by the time the AI had figured out what to do. There is a great gameplay video on YouTube: I remember paying $45 for it in a computer store, a small fortune in those days, causing much discussion at home. Remembering that price however, keeps me from complaining too much about the price of more recent games. I enjoyed Kampfgruppe so much, I have often considered using my poor development skills to recreate it with some of the more modern development tools.

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