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Tactical Mech Combat In The Third Millennium

By: Craig H. Handler, June 1, 2017

After a brief three month delay that felt like an eternity, the Backer Beta of Harebrained Schemes’ eagerly awaited mech combat game, Battletech, has been released. The initial build bestowed upon backers of the “Mechwarrior” tier contains a single player skirmish mode vs. AI, with five arena style maps, 20 Mech chassis (32 variants) and 11 different MechWarriors. After a soon to be released update, it will also contain 1v1 online & LAN multiplayer.

Unfortunately, the Backer Beta does not include the MechLab or any elements of the story campaign, so we will not get to tinker with our mechs, or customize any MechWarriors.  Harebrained Schemes has been quite clear that while they will update the Beta to fix high-impact and game-breaking bugs, there are no plans to update the Backer Beta with additional features or content beyond the current scope.  As such, this build is not an Early Access game and is only a temporary tool to obtain data for the continued development of the game.

Still, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun blowing up mechs while the beta lasts.

In any event, we couldn’t wait to get you some screenshots of our first clash, so keep reading and check them out! Also, keep checking our main page for more coverage, including a Let’s Play video, or two!

Its been far too long!


Setting up a battle


Inspecting your lance


In the field



Moving to high ground


Even in 3025, reconnaissance is key!


Shots fired!


The UI is streamlined and elegant


Tracers whizzing through the air


Direct hit!


Auto cannons really rock!


Looking over the shoulder


Whirlwind of destruction…mostly


Fighting for control of the river


Heat managed is as important as ever. This mech is about to shut down


Another enemy downed


Destruction of the head is catastrophic for the MechWarrior inside


Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!


Moving in for the kill


No mercy expected. None will be offered.


Blast them while they’re down


Jump jets


Advancing across the river


In his sights


Close up of enemy mechs


The bigger they are, the harder they fall


Battle results

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