Domina – A Spectacle of Violence and Greed

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Manage a motley crew of gladiatorial savages during Rome’s twilight in “Domina”, the upcoming pixel-art management sim developed by Dolphin Barn.

Due for release on April 3rd, Domina puts players into the sandals of a young Roman woman, the recent heiress of her deceased father’s gladiator “ludus” (school).  It is your task to restore the ludus to its former power, honor and glory by leading your gladiators to supreme victory in various arenas around the Empire.

Buy slaves or hire trained soldiers. Maintain health and attitude. Conduct drills and training to develop new skills while equipping your warriors with a variety of weapons and armor.  Manipulate powerful senators, generals and consuls. Do all that is necessary to prepare your gladiators for the rigor of mortal combat.

If you have the courage, enter the arena with Grogheads, and check out some screenshots of the latest beta build.

Craig Handler, 25 March 2017

Red is the color of blood. It is pleasing to the Gods.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-11-53-67

This is you. Before he died, your father drove the family business into the ground. The odds are not in your favor.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-12-12-74

Each game will have you start with different gladiators of various ability and with varying states of equipment and weaponry. The odds are not in their favor either.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-12-27-44

Here you can view the pedigree, temperament, health, statistics and equipment of your gladiators. You can reward and encourage them with coin and wine, set them free, sell them, or even put them to death.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-12-33-71

Weapons, shields and armor are purchased with coin. Equipment can be upgraded or downgraded.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-12-40-74

Use your drill master to train your gladiators with new defensive and offensive skills. Eventually, with the proper research, you will be able to take control of your gladiators in combat.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-14-03-04

Join in on the games and review the contract. Select your gladiators wisely and take note of any obstacles that may be thrown in their way. Do the rewards justify the risks?

Domina 2017-03-22 21-13-08-01

…and then, Prepare for Battle!

Domina 2017-03-22 21-13-13-97

Early fights will be man to man.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-13-23-31

…and will almost always result in victory or death. Later battles will involve multiple gladiators, predatory animals, chains, etc. Some gladiators will choose dishonor by begging for their lives.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-13-34-17

You must keep your gladiators well fed, hydrated and drunk.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-19-19-34

Various characters will visit your ludus offering salves, warriors, money and favor.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-13-47-71

Bribe or blackmail magistrates, or get them to sponsor a champion.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-14-10-14

Buy more slaves after suffering a defeat.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-14-15-51

Hire a wide range of employees, each offering unique benefits.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-19-55-84

The right mix of employees in the ludus can make a tremendous difference to the gladiators in the arena.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-19-33-20

Combat is in real time. Its nasty, brutish and short.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-16-33-27

Treat your gladiators with respect and honor and they might just live to fighter another day.

Domina 2017-03-22 21-16-46-61

Domina is scheduled for a Steam release on April 3rd. For more information:

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