Gaming Nostalgia – Victory in the Pacific

frontier wars 728x90 KS

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How many of us played this at the start of our wargaming careers?

How many of us played this at the start of our wargaming careers?


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6 Responses to Gaming Nostalgia – Victory in the Pacific

  1. Vance says:

    Fantastic game. Wore the colour off the edges of the piece in my copy.

  2. johnrpack says:

    I love it — I’m wearing out my third copy. Thank goodness Vassal modules don’t wear out (and this module is fantastic)!

  3. Erich Swafford says:

    My 2nd wargame. If you want what amounts to a digital version, get “War Plan Pacific”. I actually get more realistic-seeming outcomes with that beer and pretzels take on the Pacific War than I do with the magisterial-seeming “War in the Pacific Admiral’s Edition”.

    “Of each thing, ask: What is this, fundamentally? What is its nature and substance, its reason for being?” – Marcus Aurelius

    Clearly, The emperor was talking about the need for a certain amount of reductive simplicity when it comes to wargames depicting the most far-flung conflict in human history 😉

  4. MikeyD says:

    Think this was my 3rd war-game after Squad Leader and Midway. Love them all; played this one so much wore some of the pieces out. Still have it.

  5. Harry Miktarian says:

    I loved this game, spent many, many hours of my early teenage years playing this solo or begging every friend I could to play it with me. This is the game that got me into war gaming…and I never looked back.

  6. Still holds up today (and I’m 31, so it’s not just nostalgia).

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