LNL-Tactical (Modern)

Some Thoughts on Kickstarter Financial Benefits and Risks

Is the risk worth the reward? ~

Avery Abernethy, 27 February 2018

Kickstarter has provided significant start-up funds for many gaming projects. Pillars of Eternity raised almost $4 million dollars. The 7th Edition of Call of Cthulhu raised over $561,000 and many smaller PC, boardgame, and tabletop games raised enough money to fund their project. But for individuals, funding a kickstarter game project is fraught with risk. There are no guarantees that a funded project will be completed either on time or ever. Kickstarter itself does not guarantee that projects are legitimate or that they will be completed. There are a number of horror stories about funded Kickstarter projects which never completed their project and ultimately returned nothing to backers.

From a financial perspective, how can you decide if contributing to a Kickstarter Campaign is a good bet? I’ve recently helped fund a couple of kickstarter projects after overcoming extraordinary levels of apprehension. I’ve got a few thoughts on how to consider a decision to fund a Kickstarter game project.


The Unavoidable Risk Is Huge

Even a casual reading of Kickstarter’s legal language shows Kickstarter itself does not stand behind any funded project in any way. They do not promise that a funded project will be: competed; completed on time; or completed in a manner consistent with the project’s promotion. Kickstarter’s policies have been tested in US courts. Legally, if you pay into a funded Kickstarter project and the project fails, your only recourse is suing people responsible for the individual Kickstarter project. Good luck collecting from a failed funded project. If an individual or a company does not have any assets, you will not collect anything even with successful lawsuit. The conclusion I draw from this is pretty simple. Don’t fund a Kickstarter project if you are unable to accept the risk of losing 100% of your pledge.


What’s Gus Playing? Total War: Warhammer, Part 3

Danger Dwarf™ deals dastardly damage ~

Lloyd Sabin, 26 February 2018

…the next moment I have really angered some ancient gods who I did not side with and they are slicing me up like some kind of Norse turkey

Well it did not turn out very well. How did this happen? One moment I am on top of the Old World, slashing and burning like a great Nordic-based monster should be, the next moment I have really angered some ancient gods who I did not side with and they are slicing me up like some kind of Norse turkey, Chaos style.

I really gave it my all and once I had some foggy idea of what I was doing, Total War: Warhammer became a quite the digital fantasy party…everything I could have ever asked in a fantasy strategy game. The images below show my descent in to defeat and disaster from the heights of warmongering.

Enjoy them. I will be back to this game and soon…I’ll probably play as the more conventional Empire of Karl Franz next. Honestly almost every faction is looking good now that I have learned the basics…of this one faction.

GrogCast Season 6 Episode 1 – Kickstarter Projects & Campaign Games

GrogCast Season 6 Episode 1 – Kickstarter Projects & Campaign Games
The GrogCast

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23 February 2018 ~

The GrogCast is back! The GrogCast is back! The GrogCast is back! The GrogCast is back! (deeeeeeeeeep breath) The GrogCast is back! The GrogCast is back!

Did we mention the new GrogCast season is here?

Jim O and Vance kick off the festivities with a discussion of recent Kickstarter projects like UBoat, Gloomhaven, DVG’s varied projects, and (sigh) Up Front, as well as Kickstarter “exclusives.”  We discuss The Gamer’s Armory wall of ASL (see pics below) and learning a COIN game compared to other ‘programmed’ rulebooks.  Vance tells us all about the new Civ6 expansion.  We also talk about keeping key games in print, and why Brant shouldn’t being the guy giving business advice to anyone.

Also, please spare a prayer for the wife of Andy Martin, the composer and performer of our theme music, whose wife tragically passed away in February after a multi-year battle with breast cancer.

Yes, we’re still shamelessly begging for some ratings on iTunes, in our quest to get enough ratings to show up on their podcast recommendations.


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Gaming Nostalgia – TOAW 1

#TBT at GrogHeads!

The grandaddy of the classic modern warfare PC gaming series

What was your favorite TOAW battle or scenario?

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Hell Frozen Over – First Look!

Unboxing… er, “unbagging” LNLP’s expansion for Heroes of the Pacific~

Vance Strickland, 20 February 2018

Hell Frozen Over covers the Battle of Attu Island at the tactical level, with the LNLT system.  Other games have covered this out-of-the-way fight in the Pacific Theater, including the recent War In the Wind, but this is one of the first to feature the fighting at this echelon.

Brand new Hell Frozen Over expansion for Heroes of the Pacific and the X-Map(s) too!