GrogHeads Announces “Wargaming Central Command” for Origins 2014

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Get your Grog on at Origins this summer!

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  • and GAMA are teaming up to bring wargaming back to Origins this summer with the creation of the GrogHeads Central Command.  This new program is designed to engage wargamers in a variety of ways, but most importantly, by getting wargames back on gaming tables at Origins.

    Our partners in this endeavor include Against the Odds Magazine, 1A Games, Lost Battalion Games, Collins Epic Wargames, Omega Games, and Columbia Games – all of whom will be present together in the exhibit hall, and sponsoring games in the gaming hall.  And we’ve still got room to add a vendor or two, so expect this list to grow!

    Gaming events run through the GrogHeads Central Command are all ticketed events that will be played in the gaming hall in their own dedicated area.  Every event run through the GrogHeads Central Command includes at least one prize.  Every participant in every game also gets a 5% discount card for any purchase from the vendors in the GrogHeads Central Command group in the exhibit hall.  Vendors will even allow players to ‘stack’ several of these coupons for 15-20% off of a purchase!  Games will include head-to-head and team battles, as well as a few “come learn to play” games with new products from the participating vendors.

    In addition to the gaming events, each of the vendors will also host an evening session in the gaming hall, with either an opportunity to “Play with the Designer” or a Q&A on a game series.  Non-gaming sessions will also be held in the GrogHeads Central Command in the gaming hall, but are not ‘prize’ events.  These vendor-centric seminars are not the only seminars in the GrogHeads Central Command, as there will also be panels on wargame design and uses of games for training and learning.  And don’t forget to stick around on Saturday evening for the GrogHeads raffle – every purchase, every game you play, every demo you try with the companies in the GrogHeads Central Command program gets you a raffle ticket for some great prizes.

    Finally, the GrogHeads Central Command will also be hosting the Staff Wargaming Team, who had previously bunkered in up at the Origins War College.  These innovative “team” wargames put players in the roles of military staff officers, charged with planning and executing a complex mission using a simplified version of the US Army’s planning process – and the coaches include current and former Army staff members and trainers.  The Staff Wargaming Team events are all prize events, but the real prize is the great experience of the team dynamic in the wargame.

    Look for events in the Origins Program Guide that are tagged as “GrogHeads presents…” to identify the events in the GrogHeads Central Command program.  Check back regularly as we may yet add a few more events.  And be on the lookout for the GrogHeads Central Command in the exhibit hall to support the wargaming companies bringing the wargames back to Origins.  See you at the show!

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