Tuesday Newsday Roundup – 7/31

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GrogHeads Newsdesk, 31 July 2018

This week in gaming and random cool stuff, as we check out something neat from around the gaming world

Something cool that was just released this past week:

Compass Games just dropped Russia Besieged on us!  Refight the entire scope of the Eastern Front from ’41-’45 (or beyond, if you’re really good…) at the army/corps level. The artwork is stunning, and Compass Games’ production values are always stellar.

2N infinity

Infinity d4


Something cool on Kickstarter:

Sick of d4’s that double as anti-pursuit death-to-all-feet obstacles?  Check out the new “Infinity d4”.  No, it’s not a car, despite a name that sounds like it.  It’s a 4-sided rectangular tube with rounded ends to keep it balanced and roll on the 4 long sides of the rectangle.  They’re making them out of metal, too.


Something cool on p500 or pre-order:

Lock’n Load Publishing is finally taking pre-orders on Kontact Now: Red Eclipse. The spiritual successor to Fire Team, we discussed it at length in an interview with the designer on The GrogCast a while back.

And GMT also has Atlantic Chase that’s made the cut on their p500 list, where you can play hide-and-seek in a wide-open ocean with freight convoys, u-boots, pocket battleships, and aviation.  A turn-less, initiative-based system keeps players engaged throughout the game.


Something cool that happened this week in history:

The Battle of Cravant, during the Hundred Years’ War, in which (stop us if you’ve heard this before) the English beat up on the French. How often do you get a medieval-era river crossing duringa battle?  Interestingly, the English (and their Burgundian allies) were led by the Fracophone-named Montacute, while the French (and their Scottish sidekicks) were led by the Anglo-monikered Stewart.  Everyone got that?


Something cool to ogle:

Friend-of-Grog Tim Allen has plenty of excellent publication credits to his name.  These counters are an excerpt from a sheet he’s reworking for Don’t Tread on Me.


Don’t Tread On Me


Something totally-off-the-wall but still cool:

No seriously, it’s as cool as you can get.  The International Space Station has a cooling experiment that has almost reached absolute zero, at which point (theoretically) the atoms stop moving.  They’re using the cold lab for some quantum experiments and trying out some experiments on gravity, matter waves, and quantum physics.


Something cool to listen to on your way out the door:

Ricky Warwick is now singing for Black Star Riders, but some of his solo stuff is excellent, too.  Here’s one inspired by soldiers stories from WWI, and featuring a lot of colorized photos from then, too.

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