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GrogHeads Newsdesk, 20 April 2016

Penny Arcade has had their Acquisition Incorporated arc running for years.  Now those characters-within-characters invade Cardhuntria.

Acquisitions Inc. expands the Card Hunter campaign with three treasure hunts and three bonus adventures to challenge players. The new treasure hunts are revealed when you successfully raid the Viscous Tombs (level 10) or defeat the Goblins in the Woods (level 11). Alternatively, they will reveal immediately if you purchase the new AI bundle — which includes all six adventures, three new figures, and a month’s membership in the Card Hunter Club, all for the low price of $5.99.


• Preconstructed Treasure Hunts: The main storyline of the expansion takes place over three treasure hunts in which you control Omin, Binwin, and Jim using prebuilt decks. Being treasure hunts these adventures each provide an epic item reward upon completion. Because these adventures use preconstructed decks, you can play them regardless of what stage of the campaign you are at.

• Hard Mode Challenges: Beating each of the main adventures unlocks a special “hard mode” challenge adventure in which you play through the same battles using your own party. Some of these battles include harder monsters, so beware. These challenge adventures guarantee a rare item on each completion and also include five quests each to baffle skilled players. Hard mode challenge adventures are pitched at level 12.

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