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GrogHeads Newsdesk, 14 April 2016

w00t!  Tanks!  Oooga oooga snort rip BOOM!


RTI5RTY1OTA4NkM4NDE3Qzc1OTY6MzMxYjMyMDBhZjViNzBhNGQyMWNiOGQwMmU0OWJmZDU6Ojo6OjA=In a post-nuke irradiated hellscape, mechanized warfare evolves into its ultimate form: nuclear-powered Armored Flying Vehicles. Now, split-second death-duels are fought in the skies over the wastes of North America: from bootleggers to mercenaries, imperial armies to rock ‘n’ roll warlords, they all want their piece of the pie called Mega-Detroit.


HIGH SPEED HOVER TANK is a fast-paced, card-driven-ish, dice-slinger’s paradise. Ten unique models of Tanks – from the slick, speedy Viper, to the paralyzing Falcon, to powerhouses like the monstrous Tiamat – give players new tactical and strategic challenges in each scenario. A deck of Action Cards  enhances your options, and keeps you in doubt as to what your opponent can do, while the aptly-named Kerplow! Deck can change the battlefield dramatically or suddenly bring the game to a close. No scenario is going to play out the same way the second time around.


To top it off, there are 10 scenarios for you to choose from. Punch a hole through elite Canadian armor. Out-bid your opponent for the services of Dido Blackhammer and her Death-Dodgers. Fight it out at point-blank range in the middle of a radiation storm. Or try to befriend Ethel, the Deranged, Homicidal, Also Terribly Lonely, Sentient Nuclear Tank.


Can’t wait for this one!

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