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frontier wars 728x90 KS

The gang from Heroes of Normandie are back for more ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 21 June 2016

What is your new game?
Sea of Clouds is a challenging strategy game fighting as air pirates.  You amass points through set collecting and uses a Winston Draft as a mechanic.

What is your favorite game?
Am I allowed to confess to Fun Farm?  It is a game of quick visual deduction and snatch and grab.  A great kids game and a great drinking game. (ed note: please don’t get the kids to drinking when they play!)

What is your favorite mechanic?
In Medieval Academy you start with a hand of cards, of which you pick one and pass it along.  The challenge is to play cards to seven boards to advance.  If you reveal your priorities too early, the other players can sabotage you.

If you like ____, you will like _____.
If you like Yahtzee, then you should move up to King of Tokyo.


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