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What’s Dave got on the tables this year? ~

Heath - IMG_6867Corinne Mahaffey, 21 June 2016

We had a chat with David Heath of LNLP at Origins

What is your new game?
Hollow Cell is our new science fiction squad game.  The kids are loving it. (ed note: seriously, we couldn’t drag the teens away from the table on this one)

Of the games you sell, which one is your favorite?
Lock and Load Tactical.  We have lots of different fronts and theaters, and since they have the same underlying system, you are not learning new rules every time.

What is your favorite mechanic?
No specific tactic, but I like games that come down to the last turn.  The game is not as fun if I know by turn five of ten that I have no hope of winning.

If you like ____, you will like our game _____
If you like Advanced Squad Leader, you will like Lock and Load Tactical.

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