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What’s new with Proving Ground Games at Origins? ~

Corinne Mahaffey, 16 June 2016

What is your new game?
Crucible of Force.  It’s our core World War 2 rules book, in the same system as our game Fields of FireCrucible of Force is a stand alone rules book; though it wouldn’t hurt to have Fields of Fire, it is not necessary to play Crucible of Force.

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Crucible of Force covers the period from the beginning of the war to the summer of 1943.  We will be publishing two supplements to cover the rest of 1943 and 1944, and for the late war.

What is your favorite game mechanic?
Our main tank guns fire in a way that is fun and fast, and maintains accuracy without requiring a degree in calculus.

What is your favorite game? 
We have one in development that we can’t talk about, but of the ones we have published, Fellowship of the White Star, a Victorian fantasy in the D20 system.  I really love Victorian history and fantasy RPG’s like Seven Seas.  This has all the Victorian history, plus monsters!

Fill in the blank for us: If you are a fan of _____, you will like ____!
If you like Flames of War, you will like Crucible of Force.

If you like steampunk, you will like Hive, Queen, and Country.   We have a roleplaying game in that setting, Stars of Empire, on Kickstarter

Thanks – have a great show!

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