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Small General Eastern Front

Review by Jim Zabek, 27 April 2013

Publisher & Developer: Victor Reijkersz Games

Great gameplay on the go? Believe it! If you're on an Android phone, you've got a new 'must-play' game.


GrogHeads is pleased to induct Small General Eastern Front into the Order of the Hex for Excellent Depth in Mobile Gameplay.




About a year ago Grogheads published a review of Small General. Set in a generic World War II-ish environment it to offered a non-historical operational wargame to players with Android-powered devices. Developed by VR Designs, the same development house that recently won an Order of the Hex award for great historical gameplay and Third Place in our Readers’ Choice Awards, it should come as little surprise that a more historically-focused game for Android devices would soon follow.




Small General: Eastern Front takes the gameplay from the original game and polishes it nicely into an Eastern Front operational game. Using similar game mechanics – a hex-based map, morale states, lines of communication – units now reflect appropriately historical units. Foot infantry, mechanized infantry, armor, elite units, and artillery all are now present. Several scenarios have been created allowing the player to either play starting in June 1941, or smaller scenarios such as Stalingrad and Leningrad.


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