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(ASLSK) Decision at Elst
« on: November 12, 2013, 04:29:47 AM »
Mr. Jay Richardson, who has written several "how-to" articles on playing ASL Starter Kits and other articles has a very nice preview of the now up for pre-order first ever Historical Module for the Starter Kits, "Decision at Elst":

In quick summation, this is a stand alone product, so if you've never played ASLSK before nor own any of the previous modules, this could still be an introductory way to get in to the system.  Also, being a "campaign", you have days of fighting with refits in-between days, so if you like something with more of a story line than just a single days battle offers, this might be something to look at. 

Personally, I'm excited to finally grok the OBA rules which in full ASL are a bear to understand.  Jay indicates that the rules are "nearly" identical and have the special Starter Kit touch on them making them less scientific notation like as they are in ASL.  That and getting an HMG up in to that chapel will be pretty cool.

Product and pre-order info from MMP is at:

Check it out!
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