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Just announced over at the Quarter To Three forums is an officially sponsored Battle of the Bulge tournament, with $500 in prize money available to participants.

Here's the skinny..

Thanks to our forum member tylertoo and his visit to Shenandoah Studio, makers of Battle of the Bulge, we are proud to announce The Quarter to Three/Shenandoah Studio sponsored Battle of the Bulge Tournament!

Shenandoah Studio has generously offered to provide up to $500 in prize money for the tournament, as well as placing the name of the winner in the game credits, as "[winner's name], Winner of the first Tournament, March 2013." So that's pretty generous and exciting.

While this will be run at Quarter to Three, it is not just open to current Qt3 forum members! Anyone wishing to join the tournament can do so. However, you will need an active Qt3 forum account at the time the tournament actually commences so that you can easily communicate with the other players. It's nice to be able to tell someone hey, I can't do any turns until this weekend but I'm still here, etc. Or nice move crossing the Meuse, I'm gonna resign, gg.

The full $500 prize pool will be available if we are able to reach 64 players. With a smaller tournament the prize pool will be smaller.

Prizes (assuming a 64-player tournament) will be as follows:




The last category is a great idea from this forum's owner intended to encourage participation by players of all skill levels. You don't necessarily need to play well to win a prize, but you do need to play reliably and finish all your games.

We encourage entrants from of all skill levels and from everywhere, but especially Owen Faraday's Pocket Tactics forum, where the support for Battle of the Bulge has been loud and strong. Please join us!

The tournament rules are posted below. To join, post your name and Gamecenter ID here, or email them to We expect the tournament to start on February 15, but reserve the right to keep registration open a little longer so as to recruit as many players as possible.

And the RULES


1. Scenario is Battle of the Bulge (full campaign).

2. Each pairing of two players in each round will produce one winner. There is no "losers' bracket." The winner will progress to the next round.

3. Each round will consist of two games, with players playing one game as each side. (Games may be played concurrently or sequentially, but will need to be completed by the time limit - see (6) below.)

4. The winner of the round will be either the player who wins both games, or in case of ties:

(a) The player who wins earlier (e.g. Dec. 21st vs. Dec. 22nd) wins the round.

(b) If both players win their game on the same day, the winner of the round will be the one who scored the most VP (if both won as Axis) or allowed the fewest VP (if both won as Allies).

(c) If players are tied on VP, the tiebreakers will be as follows (most = as Axis / fewest = as Allies):

*Most/fewest VP allowed for exiting armor off the map
*Most/fewest VP allowed for control of Bastogne
*Most/fewest VP of Allied unit losses

5. Resignations count as a loss on the day of resignation, but lose all tiebreakers.

6. The first round will have a time limit of two weeks. Thereafter, each round will have a time limit of one week. This will allow a 64-player tournament to be completed in approximately 6 weeks.

7. If the total number of players is such that a single-elimination/single-bracket tournament is not easily created, the organizers reserve the right to restructure the tournament into groups to ensure fairness of distribution. Such a change would be announced well in advance of the start of the tournament.

8. If the tournament pool has fewer than 64 players, byes to the second round may be granted to the winner and runner-up of the 16-player Quarter to Three tournament currently in progress.

9. The tournament organizers reserve the right to adjudicate all disputes. All care will be taken to ensure fairness of dispute resolution, such as time limit enforcement. The decision of the organizers in all matters is final.