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I got together with my one local friend who I can play boardgames face to face with.  So we got out Memoir '44 and played a quick scenario.  I played the Germans who were tasked with counter-attacking the Americans.  On my left flank there is a small hill with infantry station on it overlooking my attack.  As long as the Americans held that hill they could bring air strikes against my forces.  The first side to destroy four of their enemies units would win the scenario.  Optionally I could destroy two enemy forces and take the objective hex in the enemies rear on my left flank.

Above you can see the scenario setup before we began.  After looking over my movement cards and the board before me I decided to drive the attack on my left flank.   I would make use of my elite units and try and knock the Americans off the hill before to much damage was done with their air strikes.

After a couple turns my attack on the left flank was developing nicely.  I managed to wipe out the enemy on the hill before he could launch a second air strike.

I continued to press the attack on my left flank during the next few turns.  However, I ran out of cards for action on my left flank so I pushed forward in the middle.  By this point I had two kills and the Americans had one.

Several turns later my attack using my left flank succeeded despite the enemy reinforcing with tanks and then trying to counterattack my units in the center.  The game ended with my fourth kill to the Americans two and with the momentum firmly in my hand.


Thanks for this AAR. I love to read them.
 Keep'em coming.

The pics were good and clear - just a bit big


--- Quote from: Windigo on February 15, 2012, 04:01:12 PM ---SCDJ

Thanks for this AAR. I love to read them.
 Keep'em coming.

The pics were good and clear - just a bit big

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Thanks I've got to figure out a way to resize the pictures.

Saw this on your blog.  Thanks for sharing.  Looked like a good game!

Awesome! Thanks for posting.


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