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2019 Steam award nominations
« on: December 01, 2019, 05:51:16 PM »

I'm not sure there's going to be a Grogheads award thing this year, but the Steam award nominations have opened up, so here's a list of my own nominations: restricted to games released in 2019 (not sure about games released in Dec 2018) of course, and games that I've personally played on Steam.

Some of these entries could easily be switched around, and I could also easily nominate some games for some categories that I never really played. (Even some of these I don't have much time in yet!)

OUTSTANDING VISUAL STYLE: VOLCANOIDS. Every twenty minutes an idylic Mediterranean steampunk island is blasted to an ashen ruin by a detonating volcano. (I'm unsure if there's a plot explanation for why it recovers so quickly. ;) It's purely a visual style and gameplay thing.) Your damaged mobile base, which you're slowly repairing and leveling up, had better be underground by then! Heavily inspired by the mole machine of Bouroughs' Pellucidar novels, e.g At the Earth's Core, with a dash of Jules Verne for flavor. Several other games below could be nominated here easily, but this one lacks their distinctions for being categorized elsewhere.

THE BEST GAME I SUCK AT: on Steam released in 2019? Yeah that's Steel Division II, no doubt. By far. By faaaarrrr.  :hide:

OUTSTANDING STORY RICH GAME AWARD: to be fair, I didn't play many new games on Steam this year that were very story rich, and this game could easily go into the Outstanding Visual Style. But within those constraints, that would be FADE INTO SILENCE -- a nightmarish Lovecraftian winter survival post-apocalypse tale. No doubt some other genres for good measure. The richness of the story in this case is in the setting with the narrative mysteriously doled out and rediscovered over time, aided by the best villain in any new game I played this year. (I could have easily put DEAD IN VINLAND here for much the same reasons. DiV could have gone into outstanding visual style, too.)

MOST INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY AWARD: take a very decent WW2 sub simulator, add a more interactive level of crew management, you get UBOAT. It isn't the end-all, be-all of that chocolate and peanut butter mix, but neither is a Reeses Cup!

BETTER WITH FRIENDS AWARD: apparently I didn't play any mp games released on Steam in 2019 this year, except for the one I'm nominating for Game of the Year, which Steam won't let me also put here. Why.  ::)  :buck2:

LABOR OF LOVE AWARD: this is for games which have been out for a while now, maybe even years, but which are still getting significant content updates in 2019. DEEP ROCK GALACTIC actually asked its owners and fans to nominate in here, and I'm gladly doing so! It naturally falls into some other categories, too: "better with friends", "outstanding visual style".

VR GAME OF THE YEAR: what's a vr?  >:D

GAME OF THE YEAR OF THE YEAR OR WHATEVER! -- considering time played, and that I keep going back to it, and that I pick at strategizing for it on a regular basis, and I'm in no less than two mp games with a third one setting up? FIELD OF GLORY: EMPIRES! -- game made disputably better by being able to (singleplayer) export its fights to the FoG tactical battle system.
ICEBREAKER THESIS CHRONOLOGY! -- Victor Suvorov's Stalin Grand Strategy theory, in chronological order. Lots and lots of order...

Dawn of Armageddon -- a narrative AAR for Dawn of War: Soulstorm: Ultimate Apocalypse: The Hunt Begins: Insert Joke Here!

Survive Harder! In the grim darkness of the bowl there is only, um, Amazons. And tentacles and midgets. Not remotely what you're thinking! ...okay, maybe a little remotely.

PanzOrc Corpz Generals -- Season One complete; Fantasy Wars AAR, lots of screenies.