Author Topic: RLM's "Nerd Crew" satirizes the Episode 9 marketing (among other things)  (Read 113 times)

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Just in case no one knows the famous "Plinkett" team -- the language is definitely NSFW. (And loudly so.)

This particular version of Red Letter Media satirizes clickbait marketing shows (with particular targets in mind, many of which I don't recognize so don't feel bad if some of their jokes go overhead. ;) ) I always learn something new when they do these joke-episodes, though: in this case, the official poster for Star Wars Ep 9, recently released, uses an action figure. An actual action figure, photoshopped as a large part of the poster. This couldn't be more clearly demonstrated either.

"...I literally cannot tell if you're being serious or not..."

My favorite part comes at the very end with the promotional photos of Galaxy's Edge park, provided by the Disney State News Service.

Galaxy's Edge has significantly under-performed in attendance; the promotional photos are probably real, but the joke is that "crowds" have been clumsily cut-and-paste into the photos.
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