Author Topic: Great new Sabaton war music video! ...uh, I mean new Great War Sabaton etc!  (Read 164 times)

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The War to End All Wars gets a Sabaton treatment.

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The full pdf of Cry of Justice has been posted to the Grogheads Book category here.

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I gotta admit that power metal with soaring flowery choruses is not exactly my cup of tea metal-wise.  However, you gotta love Sabaton's dedication to the image and their delivery, and they're clearly a bunch of history geeks like ourselves.  They played a show in the Czech Republic recently where they played with a couple old Stuarts on stage!
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My oldest daughter has become a huge fan of them (after being introduced to them by me)

She’s trying to convince me to go to one of the NE concerts in November.

That said I am liking their new stuff. Seems like they are getting away from some of the synth that dominated their earlier work.
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