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Dracula's balls found


OK, they were CANNONballs from a 15th-century battle in Bulgaria.  :buck2:

--- Quote ---Researchers have found medieval cannonballs from culverins, an early form of cannon, that were most likely used by Wallacian Voivode Vlad III Dracula, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler, during his bloody battle in 1461 with the Ottoman Turks, according to a report in Archaeology in Bulgaria.

The discovery was made in Svishtov, a small town in the northern part of the country with a population just over 37,000, by Professor Nikolay Ovcharov from the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology in Sofia and his team.


--- End quote ---

Just as an added fillip.  Down in Puerto Rico, they have some of Sir Francis Drake's balls.
They were from his failed attack on the citadel.

What are you people...on dope?

Sir Slash:
Quiet Clarence Boddiger. I thought Robocop took care of you. At Gettysburg, I saw Robert E. Lee's balls and, his horse's balls too, on his statue. Meade had bigger balls but Lee's went further. Lee had to leave his behind after he retreated south.  :hide:


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