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RIP Rod Bramblett

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I know Airboy is an Auburn guy, but yeah, might be lost on a few. 

The voice of Auburn radio, Rod Bramblett died along with his wife after a horrific car accident. 

I sadly only learned tonight after seeing my social media explode in celebration, with posts of "Roll Tide" and "RTR" with smileys and fireworks.

Came as a shock.  Auburn has had a bad and sad run with it's announcers.  We lost Jim Fyffe in '03, and Bramblett did a fantastic job of filling his huge shoes. 

I hate this for the Auburn family, and it's a great loss for sports broadcasting. 

He cared about Auburn, he was a good man. 

I will always remember Rod on this day..

You could have picked something a bit different if you were looking for 'Bama sympathy.  Just a quick tease. ;)  I would say I was surprised that Tide fans were crass and boorish over something as tragic as Rod and his wife losing their lives, but, I've lived here long enough to know that the two fan bases are dicks to each other.  One of my local guys used to have Rod on occasionally and he was always a gentleman who bled orange and blue.  My condolences to the Auburn faithful and especially to the Bramblett family and those who loved them.

 Bama fans were actually celebrating his death?


--- Quote from: Gusington on May 27, 2019, 08:06:42 AM --- Bama fans were actually celebrating his death?

--- End quote ---

Doubtful that any of these “ Bama fans” ever took a class there.  I’m out of state for a couple of days but I’m sure the reaction happened.

It is not limited to “bammers”
As a UNC grad the worst “fans” never took a class.  People love to jump on the bandwagon of a big winning program.

Look up the guy who was sent to jail for poisoning the Toomer’s Oaks if you don’t believe the level of asshattery that Bama attracts on the fringes.  (As Metaldog knows, this is not directed at him or anyone here).  A couple of College programs and lots of pro sports teams (especially soccer in Europe) attract these jerks.

RIP Jim and his wife.  One of the great, weird sports stories of all time.  Downtown Auburn has a piece of sidewalk memorializing him for his performance in only one game.  Almost unbelievable if you don’t understand the madness surrounding this one football game in this State.

Rod (I think) only broadcast for Auburn Football.  Andy Birtcham does basketball and baseball.

Auburn making it to the Final 4 is the first time in 31 years that the sports headlines in the entire State did not focus only on what happened every day during spring football practice.  The college football obsession in Alabama must be personally experienced to be comprehended.

Sorry - I’m mixing the “kick 6” game and the “punt Bama punt” games.  Punt, Bama, punt is the stranger of the two to me.  But my football knowledge is minimal for someone from Alabama.


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