Author Topic: Close Combat Bloody First (new 3D engine) now on steam and facebook BETA call  (Read 309 times)

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BETA sign ups for close combat the bloody first are now a thing on facebook for this game. The game is now listed on steam. I would still guess they are many months off though. I'd say 6-12 months actually.
I have a long history way back to Sulla and close Loved gold juno sword mod for close combat the best. Been following the bloody first since it was announced. Loving the similar steed division 2 at the moment. Also own most of the combat mission games.

Just looking at the trailer the game is extremely US centric. Which if I recall correctly the original was, from a campaign perspective.

The trailer also mentions men but does not mention women, cats, dogs or sea lions. So am a bit confused about that.   :o

Here is hoping that they use the sounds from close combat 1.

Some features I liked:
* Multiplayer allows for Co-Op play vs. the AI
* New sound effects
* For the first time the armed forces of Italy appear in an official release
* 1 Grand Campaign, 3 Theatre Campaigns (Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy), 11 Operations and 36 battles
* Completely revised 3D that bring a whole new look and feel to the classic Close Combat gameplay. The new 3D engine allows an increased level of detail (down to the the specific types of ammunition used by each weapon) and more realistic movement and projectile physics.

Link to the steam store:

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Been playing the beta for awhile now...sorry. NDA.  >:D
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I have been trying to get in for a while now. Funny thing is. When it comes to Matrix games I have always had trouble getting into their BETA's because there is some sort of disconnect between email addresses. Last time I tried to get into a BETA, I asked privately a second time and the gent said that I was already in 3 months ago did I not get the message lol.

No hurry for me on this one. Fingers crossed but expectations are low for me - like a hollywood movie. I am not expecting a polished shiney battlefield 3. Why? Because if I think like this, I cannot be disappointed. Then my hopes go up again because some of the features are the first really new features in a close combat game that are not incidental for 20 years. !!!   

Good to see a steady hand is in the hot seat giving feedback.
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All right! A Close Combat Bloody First Booty cal-----

....wait, sorry, too late at night here, eyes blurred some oo's from one line to another.
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It certainly looks very nice. If the gameplay is solid, this could get me back into the series.

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I'm also looking forward to this game. I haven't played the original Close Combat games a lot, but what I have played I've enjoyed. They're great games to pick up and play through a battle in 20 minutes or so, with decent historical accuracy and realism. Plus, I always liked the sound effects and the operational layer to the campaigns.

I was a bit dismayed at how much time went by during the development without hearing any word. Glad to see that they are making good progress!