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Faulty HVAC (not active shooter) response at Topsail, NC high school

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Literally just started, no further details yet.  :-\

--- Quote ---(Reuters) - Law enforcement was responding on Friday to active shooter situation at a high school in North Carolina, local media reported.

The situation was unfolding at Topsail High School in the unincorporated town of Hampstead, North Carolina, reported WECT, a television station in Wilmington.

A Pender County dispatcher told Reuters that deputies were responding to a situation at a local high school, but could not elaborate.

(Reporting by Brendan O'Brien in Milwaukee)
--- End quote ---

Faulty HVAC...

Phew, good! -- updated thread title.

Dammit Carl!:
Thank God.

Having worked in the HVAC industry and worked on many roof top air handling units, I find it hard to believe that anyone thought that sounds coming from one of these units would be gun shots.....


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