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Seven Years War mod
« on: November 04, 2018, 12:01:54 PM »
I've decided I don't like the 2D terrain in JTS Seven Years War so I've put together a little mod that harmonizes it with my Napoleonic mods.

The problem with the terrain in the release version is that although it's readily apparent that hexes are at different elevations, it's hard tell which ones are higher and lower.

This mod uses most of the symbols from the Napoleonic mod.  Apart from slight repaint of the unlimbered artillery symbol, the only innovation is the infantry marching column symbol (looks very similar to the infantry line symbol, only grey).

The mod also replaces the game's Musket and Pike victory music with something a little more appropriate to the period.  I've also included two desktop icons that can be used to distinguish battle scenarios from campaign games.

A few screenshots:






Shortcut icons

I've added a link for downloading this mod to the complete list of links for my Napoleonic mods. 

In addition, the mod can be downloaded from here:

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