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US troops drink Iceland dry
« on: October 27, 2018, 03:50:57 PM »
Well Reykjavík anyway...
Last Wednesday, October 17th, 6,000-7,000 American troops landed on Iceland for joint training exercises with other NATO forces. This is the largest NATO training exercise since 2015 and officialy started on Thursday, October 25th and will last through November 23.

But, before their actual mission began, American troops decided they would partake in some good ol' fashion drinking in the nation's capital. In just two short days, bars across Reykjavík had to go into emergency mode as their beer supply simply could not keep up with the copious amounts of drinking that the American forces completed.

According to press reports, "several bars in downtown Reykjavík ran out of beer while serving thirsty US sailors." Other bars, were forced to break into their emergency supplies.

Who knew bars had emergency supplies  :clap:
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Re: US troops drink Iceland dry
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Re: US troops drink Iceland dry
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2018, 05:38:11 PM »
Outstanding!   O0
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Re: US troops drink Iceland dry
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2018, 09:20:23 PM »
Now is when Russia should attack

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Re: US troops drink Iceland dry
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Re: US troops drink Iceland dry
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2018, 06:44:25 AM »
My dad was on the destroyer Wilkes, in 1942.
Many of the cans on the Neutrality Patrol and on convoy duty pulled into Iceland for a short port visit. 
The navy establishment hosted dances and a lot of girls came.  But they came to dance and not to talk.  There was a lot of resentment over FDR "occupying" the island to ensure it didn't fall to the nazis.
The girls came for the bands, jazz was very popular, to dance, and to drink.  At the time, there was little choice of booze on the open market.
Compared to England, anecdotally, there were few romances.  Of course, since the ships were only in long enough to refuel and load supplies, the sailors had little chance to fraternise.
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