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Elite Dangerous RPG (EDRPG)(Modiphius!)
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:44:45 PM »
I came across this rather by chance, but found out Modiphius have had a hand in this project, even though they are not the final publisher.

I went to take a look and the core book definately looks like Modiphius quality! Its a feast for the eyes and the font and colour usage is easy on the eyes. The book features plenty of high quality art!

Aparently the project has had some issues during its Kickstarter when one of the former minds behind the old Elite games started sueing the project. This caused delays, but earlier this year they finally were able to release. It's an officially licensed product by Frontier and based off the Elite Dangerous game.

The RPG system is based on D10 rolling and therefore quite easy to pick up.
Ship combat is elegant and quick.

There are 4 supplements as of this writing expanding the game on Military, Espionage, Super Trading and Exploration affairs.

Very much a pleasant surprise and I am looking forward to diving in! It looks like, despite it runs in the ED universe, its very much suited as a general purpose sci fi RPG with quick gameplay and cinematic combat and events.

Perhaps even a great fit for some forum play! ;)
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