Author Topic: Batman's fighting styles in the Arkham games: martial geekiness!  (Read 400 times)

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Batman's fighting styles in the Arkham games: martial geekiness!
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:39:24 AM »
Back in Feb 2017, "Godzillarex" did a great analysis of how many fighting techniques Batman has displayed in the Arkham series (not counting the side-scroller "Blackgate", since by its design it doesn't show martial art techniques very well). Which I just ran across today!

Of course what this translates out to is, the Arkham fight designers did a lot of homework in creating Batman's animation sets.

i knew some of this already, but seeing it broken down by category was super-geeky.  :smitten: So I thought I'd share.
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