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2018 Running World Cup Thread

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Should've started this sooner....

THX that you started it before Germany is out of the tournament  ;)

that could be happening on Saturday in the match against Sweden  :o
(Sweden just won against SouthKorea an hour ago and so they will go on deep defense tactic on Saturday and it will be even harder for Germany to goal against them as normal)
I am pissed, no motorcade celebration for me so far  ..maybe non at all in 2018 :'(
4wheeler decoration at the ready as in 2014 


plus some banners to be installed easier on the hood as my makeshift from 2014 and magnetic-mat flags for the doors O0

 and because its has become also partially a German (inner)politics demonstration these days more then ever too
> Green-Left haaaaate any kind of 'patriotic expressions' and any kind of black-red-gold on display,
local Antifa activists roam through cities at night and steel car flags and other decoration to burn them as a stack and have contests running whit other cities (like Hamburg vs Berlin Antifa) who got more "Nazi loot" destroyed.
Go figure, prominent Green Party figurine Claudia Roth, demanded to not show black-red-gold, because our official national colors get "abused by the AFD to signal exclusion against people" (especially against those Turks with German passport national team members, who support 'dictator' Erdogan in his re-election with a photo and donation of jersey with handwritten inscription "For my revered President - sincerely."

so i got me a new toy to piss those Green-Left of for good when the motorcade rolls through the according borrows

i got me a spiked helmet fan head to ware at the motorcade  ;D   

I'm not, and never have been, a football fan (or whatever you colonials call it) so it all goes over my head. And there may well be a football pun in that statement, but hey, what do I know :-)

So I've watched more World Cup than you this year?



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