Author Topic: NVidia 600 series SLI (dual slot) card still in good condition, needs a home!  (Read 613 times)

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I keep forgetting to post this back when I'm at home where I can specify which 600 series model -- maybe there's only one which came with SLI, it's 680 or 690 or something 'high' like that -- but anyway. I recently replaced it with a 1080Ti (not absolute top of the current NVidia line but only half a generation back), and it isn't doing anyone any good just sitting around in a rather sizable shipping box in my room where I can't vacuum around it!  :crazy2:

I would let my brother have it for their family computer, but I'm a tad doubtful he got one that could even hold a real gfx card, much less a dual-slot one; and I don't think they use the computer for anything that would need even an obsolescent high-end card.

It isn't for sale, but if someone pays the freight I'll send it through our UPS dropoff/pickup point at work.

Leave a line here, and/or pm me with questions or offers.
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