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2017-2018 Consolidated Hockey Thread

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No Olympic break this time around (boooooo!)

but still plenty of interesting pucks to look forward to

Dellow covers hockey analytics

--- Quote ---14. Is Scott Darling the solution? Carolina was my darkhorse pick to win the Stanley Cup, so I guess my answer here is “He better be.” Even just getting an average save percentage would be a godsend for the Hurricanes. Carolina was 20th in the NHL last year in save percentage on the PK. Despite this, they gave up the sixth fewest goals per 60 minutes of penalty kill time because they were so good at preventing the other team from shooting.

They finished 29th in the NHL in 5-on-5 save percentage. League average would knock out another 20+ 5-on-5 goals. It's a strange thing to say, because bad goaltending is soul destroying for a hockey team but if you're going to have a problem, a goaltending problem like Carolina's is the kind of problem to have. If you can find a solution, your team can rocket up the standings or through the playoffs — just ask the 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers (an example with which Hurricanes fans will be familiar as to what happens when a team loses a goalie who had lifted an otherwise fine team to a great run), the 2007-08 Washington Capitals or the 2010-11 Tampa Bay Lightning. All teams with a lot of good things going on that bolted a goalie on to the operation and exploded. Darling's history suggests that there's a pretty reasonable chance he can do that.
--- End quote ---

looking back on this, the answer on Scott Darling is "no"

Arctic Blast:
LOL. Yeah, he has not exactly panned out...


A remarkable thread
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