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I'm eyeing it for the XBone.


--- Quote from: Jarhead0331 on September 11, 2017, 08:32:17 AM ---
--- Quote from: OJsDad on September 11, 2017, 08:30:40 AM ---I'm getting it on PC, but only because I got it free with the video card I just purchased.

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I thought about holding off for the PC version, but I'm too impatient to wait and I don't have the HD space to spare anyway. Also, I heard the PC version was developed by a studio other than Bungie. Finally, DLCs are usually released on the consoles long before they hit the PC versions.

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That would explain why the PC version will only be coming out October 24, instead of Sept 6 like with consoles.

We will do the same strategy as with the first game. Waiting for a GOTY version half the price, bugs ironed out, balance stuff done and with many DLC add ons included.  O0

I haven't watched this entire review yet - I'm just about to.

However, I thought it was worth posting to show that whilst everyone seems aware that DLC is a thing now and alot of people weren't really bothered (including me - afterall it was additional content for a few dolla and you didn't have to buy, right?), some people were very skeptical (including people on these very forums) of game content being hacked out to fund the DLC show, and Angry Joe has picked up on that very thing - very short games with upcoming expansions - in his last few game video reviews.

This is the second or third review I've seen of a game by Angry Joe where he's specifically pointing out how short a game is only to point out that you can buy expansion passes to the game.

Anyway - here's his review. Like I said, I'm just about to watch this so be aware I don't know if there's any spoilers in there (though he doesn't normally put spoilers in his game reviews) - just watched it and there may be spoilers.

It was a day one purchase for me as I am still leading the Dads of Destiny Europe Clan.
We have grown to 80 members in the first two weeks of release!

The game is awesome. Much more coherent than the first part. I am LL240 now, just unlocked Nightfall strikes. Raid unlock next.
I was going to get it on PC as well, because I think the PvP scene will be more popular over there. I hear a lot of guys planning to jump over from console to PC for the PvP (it just sucks with a controller!).
But I am having such a great time with the Clan that I am not really sure now. It will probably end up being mostly PvE with clanmates and fool around in PvP without being very competative. :P

Always willing to Fireteam-up if you spot me.


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