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I've played on various consoles over the years. Not my own, but friends and family and I have to be honest, I never really enjoyed it. I found looking around very difficult to get used to. FPS's were particularly bad for me.

However, with my new phone contract and it came with a free PS4 and the game Uncharted which I was very surprised about because the phone contract is only 18pm.

Well, I had every intention of selling said PS4 for a couple of hundred quid. However, once I got it, I decided to unpack it and give it a go.

Man - have consoles come a long way! The gaming experience was actually quite good and the graphics are excellent.

So now I've purchased my beloved Madden NFL 2017 - a game I really enjoyed until they decided to remove it from the PC 10 years ago in 2007. I've also picked up No Man's Sky as it's a bargain.

It's not going to take over from my PC gaming, but it can be used as a supplement for games I may not get for the PC.

Damn. That's a helluva phone deal.

Seriously. Great deal.

Aye. Virgin Media kind of throw things at their customers from time to time.

Contract is 18pm for 24 months for

* 4G
* 300 minutes
* 1GB Data (I'm in a lot of WiFi hotspots)
* Unlimited textsSony Xperia XA1
Sony Playstation 4

...and then 1pm when the 24 months is up. It seemed a crazy deal to me and I was sure I'd call and they'd say "Oh sorry - it was while stocks last and they've gone". To my utter amazement, they had some in stock!

Kind of chuffed.

That's pretty sweet.

Here in the States we consumers really get the short stick when it comes to wireless and internet, and I'll be polite and not say where the short stick goes.


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