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New thread for Age of Steam PBEM game between myself, egg_salad, l'amour, and jwoodal04.

I had some trouble getting the module to work initially. Turns out that the module that I had downloaded from the VASSAL website was not compatible with the extension that I got from the Yahoo group. Once I downloaded the module from the Yahoo group, everything seems to work fine. I've uploaded that module to dropbox. I *think* if you just copy and paste the module and the file folder with all the extensions in it into a folder on your computer, when you load the module into VASSAL, it should load all the extensions. If everything works right, you should see everything in the image below when you open a rust belt map.

I just assigned colors arbitrarily. I skipped the second blue color to try to keep the colors as distinct as possible. The logfile attached below goes through all the setup. The result of the random initial turn order was Mike-me-l'amour-Woodall. (This just impacts the initial turn order for bidding in the initial auction.)

The first thing we have to do is to issue shares. (The general recommendation is two shares for inexperienced players, as that should ensure that you don't go negative on turn 1).

Mike is up to do that. I think until we get to the "Build track" step in the sequence of play, we can just do everything in the forums.

I've attached the .vlog file below. I've setup a folder in the dropbox folder for files for this game. There's a .vsav of the setup there (can't upload that file type here).

Ok, let me look at the rules..

Ok, I will issue two shares.

I'll issue two shares as well. l'amour is up.

I'll get on to this tomorrow.  :bd:


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