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Looking For Volunteers to test ITDG

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The Marine Corps Association is about to go live with the 'Interactive Tactical Decision Game' (ITDG) software.

This will give you an idea of what a TDG is:

This will give you an idea of how an infantry battalion is using it:

What I would like to do is try to identify glitches with the ITDG when it goes live.

Is anyone game to do interactive tactical decision games?

James Sterrett:

Is this government-owned software?


--- Quote from: James Sterrett on February 02, 2017, 07:03:48 PM ---Yes.

Is this government-owned software?

--- End quote ---

James, it is government-owned, ONR developed it.

Check out the article that I linked titled 'Decision Time' it gives S/A on what a battalion at Lejeune is doing with it.

The Gazette just started doing TDGs again last July....very good timing.

Looks worthwhile!

Heck I can't even remember to help administer a forum game right now!

But I'm definitely interested.  O0


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