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1830 via Rails

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Bid for the D&H.  I think, can't remember.

L'amour is up.

I've bid on the C&A. Woodall is next.

I've not quite figured out Rail yet, so I apologise if I'm a bit slow..

So, since we shifted from my bid item to the next, does that mean it is closed and I retain the private? (obviously I haven't looked at the log)

The initial auctions in 1830 are a bit funky (but fairly typical for 18xx). You can either buy the cheapest private or place a bid on one of the others. When someone buys the cheapest available RR, it potentially sets off a cascade of auctions. If the next highest private has a bid on it (and only 1 bid), the bidder gets that private for the bid price. If two people have bid on it, then those two (and only those two) have a normal auction for just that private. This continues until you reach another private that doesn't have a bid on it (at which time the cascade stops).

For example, if we have the following privates and bids:

PvA:  No bid
PvB:  P1 $30  P2 $35
PvC:  P3 $50
PvD:  No bid
PvE:  P4  $75  P5 $80

If the next player buys PvA, then PvB will be auctioned off between P1 and P2. P1 will have the first bid (since he's lowest) and have to bid at least $40. P1 and P2 continue bidding until someone passes. At that point PvC would be given to P3 for $50 since he's the only bid. The next private doesn't have a bid, so the "cascade" stops and the next player again has the option to bid on PvE or buy the cheapest private (now PvD)--or they could pass.

Conceivably, everyone could pass before all the privates are auctioned/sold. This would trigger an operating round, which would consist of paying out the privates that have been sold. Then it would be back to another stock round to finish off the privates (hopefully) and then once the privates are gone, stocks can be purchased.

Right now we have:

SVNRR:  No bid
C&Stl:  No bid
D&H: Chris $75
M&H: Rex $115 and Mike $120
C&A: Woodall $200 and l'amour $205
B&O: No bid

Right now if, the SVNRR is bought, nothing happens because there are no bids on the C&StL. Once there's a bid on the C&StL, then the purchase of teh SVNRR will trigger the auction of the remaining privates (except the B&O).

Also, once you've placed a bid on a private, there's no need to bid on it again until it gets auctioned off. placing gets you into the actual auction that will happen later.


Now you just usin' words I don't understand. So I'ma haf to pass.


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