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Unconditional Surrender PBF cont

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New home for a game of Unconditional Surrender Europe between rstites25 and myself

November 41 underway. Weather was fair in the cold zone, severe in the mild and fair in the warm zone. Strat warfare was a diamond in USSR vs Axis and a Factory lost for the Allies.

Strat move: Axis moved an air unit to Bordeaux for R&R away from the RAF. Did you have a strat move in mind?

I'm not seeing a way to attach a file. Maybe my account is too new or maybe I'm blind, but I uploaded the Vassal log to Dropbox.

Looks like fun!  Will definitely keep an eye on it :)


--- Quote from: bayonetbrant on September 06, 2016, 06:57:03 AM ---Looks like fun!  Will definitely keep an eye on it :)

--- End quote ---


Strat move the unit that already has the marker to 2557 (RR crossroads)


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