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I think they're moving the contents so nothing is lost, but it will probably locked so that nobody can post. I don't think Calandale wants to maintain it if nobody is going to use it, so locking prevents it from being infested by spambots.


--- Quote from: binkman on August 29, 2016, 07:08:01 PM ---Also here. It feels like I'm cheating on thegamebox.
--- End quote ---

I hate that you feel that way, but I understand why it might be weird for you.

Aaanndd the gamebox is down.  I hope l'amour got the link.  Of course, I think I know his user id on BGG, we could probably ping him there.

Woodall messaged me his email -- so I gave him the link to here.


--- Quote from: binkman on August 29, 2016, 07:29:15 PM ---Thegamebox is moving? It's going to live?

--- End quote ---
Well, I am an internet slut and proud of it.  It's just a collection of electrons, man.

Calendal posted on FB a few minutes ago

--- Quote ---Site's down - too hard to freeze it.
I'll give further notice depending on the install.
--- End quote ---


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