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He's More Badass Than You
« on: April 19, 2016, 04:12:59 AM »

My life changed in an instant. One moment, my future as a professional skateboarder is in front of me. So close I can taste it. Only ten days left until I turn 18 and can pursue all I have ever dreamed of. The next moment a drunk driver swerves into my lane and hits me head on as I am riding my motorcycle. Gone. Finished. My dream destroyed at the same instant my left leg was. My first thought "Will I ever skate again".
This picture was taken seven years after that moment. It took me a year to get into a prosthetic leg. A year of bed rest, visualizing and dreaming of what I could accomplish if only I had a leg to do so. My first goal after getting my new leg was to walk, my close second was to get back on a skateboard.
This photo represents years of focus, determination, pain, passion and drive. It also represents how far we have come with prosthetics. How much is now possible to achieve. This picture was taken at a skateboard competition focused on getting adaptive kids to have fun, be outside and skate. Thats what made this my winning moment. Not that I landed my grind, or won the contest. The winning moment was celebrating life through sport with a community of others that also had experienced the life altering experience of losing a limb. Inspiring children and an adults alike that we are whole and capable of anything we can dream of.
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