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Freeblades / Traazorite New Reward
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:01:10 PM »
Just got this in from the DGS guys

New Reward Level - Make Your Own Model!

Make Your Own Model!  $700 Reward Level

You become a model in the Traazorite Freeband and a character in the story of Faelon and the Traazorite Empire.

You will work with the designer to create a new human-sized model for the Traazorite Crusaders, including a model concept and stats that fits the faction and at least one new talent that has not yet appeared in the game system.  The model will be sculpted to look like you, if you wish.  You will receive two masters of the model, one painted by one of our studio painters, credit for the design of the model and the new talent in the rulebook and a 3-5000 word short story about your character’s adventures!  Join the Empire!
Note that a female model would be from the secret rebellion known as the Eclipse…  the Empire is cool, but so are their most determined enemies!  This model, while Traazorite by nationality, would be available as an ally to all other Freebands and part of the future Eclipse faction.

You may also use this reward to create a model that would be part of or allied to one or more Freeblades factions other than Traazorites.

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