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Nightfighter - Anyone wanna play?

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Silent Disapproval Robot:
I've been reading a series of books about the air battles around Rabaul from '42 to '44.    I just finished a chapter about the first effective Japanese nightfighter and I'm itching to play the Rabaul scenario from Nightfighter.  Anyone up for a game of it?  You needn't own a copy.  I'll be running the scenario through VASSAL and will post screens and information here.  You'd just need to relay your orders and I'd update the map.

Nightfighter is played by two players.  one controls the bomber/raider force and the other controls the nightfighters.  The bomber player uses a  hidden movement system and it plays out like a kind of cat and mouse game where the bomber player tries to get his bombers to cross the map before the nightfighter manages to find them and shoot them down.

Anyway, the scenario in question takes place over Rabaul in 1943.   Every night that the weather permitted, the Americans sent B-17Es to raid the Japanese base at Rabaul.  They'd approach singly at an altitude from 7,000 - 10,000 ft and harass the Japanese.   The main threats were from flak and poor weather as the Japanese had no reliable night fighters.  This changed in May when the Tainan Kokutai (251 fighter group) received two Nakajima J1N1 "Irving" reconnaissance aircraft.  Cmdr. Kozono Yasuna came up with the idea of installing four 20mm cannons that were fitted at an oblique angle.  Two cannons were angled to fire 30 degrees upwards and two more to fire 30 downwards.  This would allow the J1N1 to assume a position behind and either above of below the target, match speeds and then rake them with fire.

Japanese command was skeptical but Kozono went ahead with his plan.  On May 21, 2943.  A J1N1 flown by Sr. Petty Officer Kudo Shigetoshi successfully intercepted and shot down two B-17Es (Honi Kuu Okole Hawaiian for Kiss my Ass, and an unnamed bomber) from the 43rd Bomber group.

From May to July, Kudo managed to down 5 B-17s, a B-24, and a RNZAF Hudson.  The high command was so impressed with Kozono's modifications that they re-christened the J1N1 as the Gekko (moonlight) and put it into production as a dedicated night fighter.

In this scenario, you'd take control of Kudo's J1N1 and attempt to find and knock down B-17Es that are conducting a night raid against Rabaul on May 21, 1943.  I'll be playing as the B-17s and trying to slip past.

Post if you wanna give it a whirl.  First come, first served.

Sounds interesting. What kind of turn timeframe were you thinking of?

Silent Disapproval Robot:
Dunno.  Hopefully a turn every day or two providing life doesn't get in the way.

That sounds doable. Are the rules online?

Silent Disapproval Robot:


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