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Helldivers, Playstation only

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I just picked up this little stick shooter tonight and it is f*cking AWESOME!

The story is basically a shameless rip-off of Starship Troopers.

You control a customizable soldier in top down combat zones that you choose to drop into from orbit. You can play cooperatively with up to 3 other players and this is how the game is clearly meant to be played. Still, you can play it by yourself, but I can see it getting pretty hard in solo mode.  As you fight and clear planets, the online global campaign map is updated. Your victories contribute to the success of the overall campaign. Casualties, both friendly and enemy are updated in real time and you can get updates on the progress of the war.

Obviously, as you fight, you gain experience and can purchase new armor, weapons, "strategems" (essentially card based power-ups, such as special weapons and off-map air support), and perks.

The game looks great, has a superb style and a lot of neat features.

HIGHLY recommend.

PS3, or PS4?


--- Quote from: JasonPratt on March 19, 2015, 01:59:09 PM ---PS3, or PS4?

--- End quote ---

I believe it is available for both.

Cool.  Gonna check out the Playstation Store tonight when I log in. 

Did you get it W8? Its really awesome.


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