Author Topic: Feedback on How to Make It In The Game Business – Navigating Steam’s Greenlight  (Read 1954 times)

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This month we’re kicking off a new series of articles about “How to Make It In The Game Business”. And since we obviously don’t have a clue (because we haven’t been able to quit our day jobs yet and devote full time to GH) we’re bringing in some outside help!

And for that awesome opening column, we’ve brought along not one, but two game developers to tell you all about their journey through Steam’s Greenlight program to shepherd their titles to publication.  So please welcome James from Evil Twin (in blue ink), whose Victory at Sea naval wargame is out there now, and also welcome back Steve from Yorkshire Rifles (in green ink), whose Airship Dragoon got a lot of coverage from GrogHeads earlier this summer.  Both describe their path to Greenlight success.

Check it out here and give us your thoughts!
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Some interesting insights from the sharp end. A big thanks to Steve and James for their efforts, and to Brant for pulling it all together. :)
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^Agreed. It makes what they have achieved even more impressive.
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