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Re: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2018, 01:13:20 PM »
Bought it yesterday. I love the humorous banter between the Duck and the Boar. The post-apocalyptic setting is serious stuff but offset with black humor. So it's a dramedy. Unlike XCOM there is no base building but you do go to your base to sell stuff you've collected out in the world and equip yourself better. You level up faster by killing more enemies so you have to balance stealth with aggressiveness as the enemy will kill you pretty quickly. Taking out solo outlying enemies first and then using stealthy flanking moves on the rest is a lot of fun. In one mission I had the Duck on a roof while the Boar was on the ground and drawing out enemies in the open so the Duck could shoot them. The Duck initially comes with a crossbow for silent kills. First chance I get I'm going to get him a sniper rifle. I also killed an enemy on a building ruin roof by throwing a grenade up there and blowing the roof down.

Tactically and strategically I think it's very good and the missions really can be tense at times. The mission settings are very well done too. I think later in the game you gain another character for I believe a max of three. Seems like in all of the missions you will be outnumbered. You can have pretty much unlimited saves so that helps if one of your guys gets killed unless you play on Iron mode. You can also fast travel between locales that you have already discovered and the base which is called "The Ark."

The only complaint some have about the game is that it's too short at between 15 and 20 hours max. I smell DLC coming for this game in the future. I'd call it XCOM lite. So far I think it's a little gem of a game.