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Scavenger SV-4
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:10:09 AM »
Let me tell you a story about Eric Harris.....

Eric is the owner and star ship captain of the Star Wolf IV.  It is a single crew-able ship, but outfitted with the necessities of living in the outer rim territories.... cargo, med bay, lab etc.... There was a chance meeting at an off world tavern where Eric met a certain wealthily women looking to hire a ship on a expedition of a lost alien treasure.  These lost civilizations are widely known as legend, and there have been a couple discovers, however it has been ages since the last one.  Eric listened half intently as the women spun a yarn of how she came across the knowledge of such ancient artifacts.

After the women tells her story and several drinks later..... Eric, scratching to survive in the outer territory figures he has nothing to lose.  A 50/50 split on the potential profits, and the women pays for the needed supplies and any retrofitting equipment needed.  But there was one catch, the planet is in uncharted space, and believed to be radioactive.  There are risk involved, however looking over his banking account, one has to way one's options and preferably in the plus.

The arrangements were made and soon they took off on their treasure hunt, the women is as smart and condescending as she is beautiful.  However, there is one other trait Eric failed to realize.  That is one of Greed.  The women had second thoughts on exactly how the profits should be split and told Eric that a 70/30 split is the new deal.  Eric, laughed at the notion as they have already agreed, and plus he had the entire conversation recorded.  If there is one thing Eric has learned operating in the outer rim, it is that you always cover every angle, no matter how good or bad it looks.

It appears that his response and lack of negotiating skills enraged the women, and with no provocation the women attacked Eric with a wrench.  Eric was able to fend the women off.... even as he tried to talk to her, it was to no avail.   "This is plan mutiny!", after wrestling with the women, Eric was able to gain the upper hand and ejected her out of the air lock into space....... now Eric, alone, looks to the radio active planet below.

It is impossible for any sensor data as the toxic clouds encompasses 100% of the planet's surface and appears to be multi-layered.  A quick scan in the med bay shows that his body is already starting to feel the effects of the radiation, no time to waste.

Eric prepped the rover and started doing what he does best..... salvaging what he can from the planet below in the hopes that he can limit his exposer from the radiation and earn enough credits to make him a legend in the outer rim. Eric launches the rover to the surface below....

to be continued.........
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Re: Scavenger SV-4
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Nice...this game is in my queue.
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Re: Scavenger SV-4
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Well done PE, bring it on!