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Computer Wargaming / Re: Share your Screenshots!
« Last post by -budd- on Today at 07:42:13 PM »
7 Days to Die Alpha 18 shots. So far i'm liking the new update, a lot of changes from alpha 17.

One of my new favorite weapons, stun baton, whack them 3 times to charge then hit them with the charge.

Hoard night, i have it set for day 7 plus or minus 3 days so it can vary when hoard night comes. Couple of new things in this shot, the new junk turrets and a spear. The turrets just take scrap iron for ammo, the spear you can stab with or throw. You have to be within a certain distance for the turret to activate.

Hitting the road to explore a bit

Computer Wargaming / Re: Dominions 5- Warriors of the Faith
« Last post by Tuna on Today at 05:40:21 PM »
lol.. just went into the game, and realized, I ain''t even ready for Single Player, nevermind Multi!  :crazy2:
So, 6 in (myself included), 2 to go!
Do you WANT a Normandy invasion?

Because that is how you get a Normandy invasion.  >:D

(Of course, originally Normandy invaded the other way...!)
Computer Wargaming / Re: Dominions 5- Warriors of the Faith
« Last post by Yskonyn on Today at 02:49:15 PM »
Ok you punters, start rallying here and bring your friends!
Once again I will try to get a multiplayer game of Dominions going here. This time Dom 5. O0
Simple setup to get us going quickly:

Game info
Name - Newbie Grogheads Face-off
Type - llamaserver PBEM (Play By EMail)
Schedule - 48 hrs turn timer at the start (variable due to work) and more time as we progress and orders get more complicated and planning needs more time.
Players: As much as we can assemble really!
Diplomacy - 5 Turns Non-Agression Pacts, no rules otherwise; be a snake, get you head chopped off like one. ;-)

Game Settings
Age - Early (Lots of magic and wood, less steel)
Independent Strength - 7
Research - Default
Magic Sites - Default for the age
Money - Default
Resources - Default
Supplies - Default
Random Events - Default
Re-naming - ON
Score Graphs - OFF (You’ll need to use spies)
Hall Of Fame - Default

Nation Selection - All

Mods - Worthy Heroes might be a good suggestion.

Map - TBD

Victory Conditions - Free for All, no team wins.

General Rules -

Note1: The hosting time limits are slightly indicative, but we are pressed to make them whenever possible. In other words; if you can't make the turn limit, be sure to post in this thread to let me know in advance so I can extend the time in the llamaserver, otherwise Llamaserver will push the next turn and you will not have given any orders.
Better yet is sending me an email, which you have gotten in a PM.
I have an irregular working schedule with stops abroad sometimes, so I might put in the odd request for a few more hours/days as well. I hope we can all be flexible about this. If not, then please say so up front, this game might not be suited for you.

Note2:Stay fair, people. If you cannot swallow a defeat, then you will be a newbie forever. In spirit of my previous sentence, please do not go AI after a single major battle lost

Note3: Remember to keep an eye on the turn interval. I will update changes in interval in this thread.
Be sure to report EARLY if you will not be able to send in a turn in time.
WE CANNOT USE THE ROLLBACK FEATURE! Due to possible savegame corruption.
(Thanks to 3V4JKZ2 for the above format  )

Note 4:
I want to put a very good project into the spotlight made by a player called momfreak.
Mod Inspector to read up to date unit and magic data from the game files. Very handy!

This webpage enables you to select some mods that you will be using for the game and then display accurate information about all the spells and items in the game.
You can also view the stock vanilla game data with this webpage.
Super handy as reference.

Note 5: When the game is setup you will all need to send your pretender to Llamaserver.
You can send your pretender file as an attachment to: (Put in the name of the game in the title, leave the body empty)

You can find your pretender file in your Dominions 5\savegames\newlords folder.
it has a file format <era>_<nation>_0.2h

It will overwrite and old pretenders for the same era/nation.

After all the pretenders have been sent in the game can be kicked off and you will receive your turns in the mail.
Just send your turn back to (probably just reply to sender)

Only send in the .2h file. The .trn file is only sent by Llama to YOU.

For a FAQ on Llamaserver go here:

Banned Exploits - I depend on your sportsmanship, dishing out as well as on the receiving end.

Admin - Yskonyn

Player List

1. ??
2. ??

Nation List

1. ??
2. ??
I joined as Venetti.
Computer Wargaming / Re: ICBM - The Global Conflict (in development)
« Last post by ufnv on Today at 01:43:21 PM »
New version is available, fixes some bugs, rebalances the units and technologies and adds some new features - thanks for your feedback!

PMs with the link sent.
Ok signed up as Quataban
I've joined as Iberiae. 
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