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Computer Wargaming / Re: No Man's Sky - Too good to be true?
« Last post by jomni on Today at 01:52:17 AM »
Though they changed concepts?
Computer Wargaming / Re: Stormpowered Jutland
« Last post by FarAway Sooner on Yesterday at 11:21:28 PM »
Sounds like the Guns are getting REALLY distant now!!!
Computer Wargaming / Re: Field of Glory: Empires Giveaway!!!
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 08:50:38 PM »
My Sioux Indian name is, "Dances With Drunk Girls at Redneck Bars" or just, "Dances With Dogs".  :cowboy:
I'm a native of Jacksonville but was never a huge Skynyrd fan.  Now Molly Hatchet...

Gotta dig the Johnny acoustic version of Things Goin' On.

Gus, be careful running that low table well dry. I've replaced my share of pumps in my lifetime and I can think of few tasks worse.
Tabletop AARs / Re: Trapping Epimondas - Winter 369 BC
« Last post by MengJiao on Yesterday at 04:32:47 PM »

  And it looks like the Thebans are off to a bad start even with their main hoplite force as the hoplites with Epimondas decide to run and the ones who should have at least trotted up and confronted the Allied light infantry -- they just sorta walked kinda forward and were not much help:

   Fifteen minutes into the battle and it looks like the Thebans are probably not going to disperse the Allied Entrapping force.  A lot of walking and so on.  I gave the Thebans two momentum chits since they only have 2 commanders and the allies have 5, but they probably would need another substantial force to succeed in breaking through the entrapment:

  Yep.  After a fair amount of brutal slogging, the Allied light troops routed enough of the Theban hoplites to cause the whole Theban army to collapse.
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