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Computer Wargaming / Re: Divinity Original Sin II early impressions
« Last post by Gusington on Today at 07:58:10 PM »
I've been curious about this sequel too, but I also have not played the original.
Role-Playing & Adventure Gaming / Re: 4e D&D
« Last post by mirth on Today at 07:14:02 PM »
Mine too....someday it'll arrive unannounced on our doorsteps. 
It's on order.
I was going to be jealous too.
Holland '44 - GMT

You have your copy?

Not yet, but I'm not going to let that stop me from nominating it.
Role-Playing & Adventure Gaming / Re: 4e D&D
« Last post by Bison on Today at 06:56:22 PM »
is anyone still playing 4e?  Or has everyone jumped to 5e?

I picked up a bunch of 4e books, but haven't played it yet.
Music, TV, Movies / Re: The Orville
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 06:17:09 PM »
Okay, watched the third episode a few minutes ago. If there's no missing ep, then I think I admire the writers just throwing viewers into the water in ep 2 without having established Bortus' mate as a character yet.

And I mostly admired the plot and thematic complexities of ep 3, regardless of how much I agree or disagree with any part of any side.


************* spoiler breaks here **************************

The plot sets up a pretty obvious and huge revelation about the society, but it's so obvious and huge that the plot has to skirt away from it to keep the main plot running since it would be totally unfeasible for this to be a secret: the species isn't monogendered after all, but is made up of males and females as usual. The males just make sure all the females are cosmetically altered to appear to be male, with perhaps some hormone adjustment. Otherwise, none of them could lay eggs -- that requires a vagina (or anyway it wasn't established otherwise in the show), and in fact Bortus' mate has one. (I don't recall which of them was supposed to lay the egg, but it would make coherent plot sense for the mate.)

But this not only couldn't be a feasible secret, it couldn't be a practical secret either. Yet the story nods toward it by revealing there are more females being born than the official claims acknowledge. I seriously thought the plot was about to reveal this when the captain ordered the planetary scan for females, and I still don't recall seeing how the plot segued to this. The actual reveal sort of worked, but as a practical matter still didn't (how did someone get to be so famous an author when her family intentionally sequestered themselves from a society that rejected them?)

This might count as a story trope called a Broken Aesop. But I still admire the basic attempt to take a Trekkian social debate stab.

*********** just more spoiler space for people scrolling past the spoiler *****************

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