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Digital Gaming AARs / Re: CMANO - Surprise Party, 1989
« Last post by Iconoclast on September 23, 2018, 11:33:00 PM »
Great write up!

Thank you for including real-life phraseology in the AAR, please keep that up
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: FIRE IN THE GROGS TOO! (Ep 12 current)
« Last post by Iconoclast on September 23, 2018, 11:21:18 PM »
Well,  thank you for doing this. I enjoyed the Videos immensely and perfectly understand that at some point cost-benefit is just not cutting it.

If you ever decide to do the Vid, I will be watching, if you don't thank you anyway. It really increased my intrigue with the COIN series, although I am currently eying the Next war  :-\

Digital Gaming AARs / Re: FIRE IN THE GROGS TOO! (Ep 12 current)
« Last post by JasonPratt on September 23, 2018, 01:19:16 PM »
Update: I've been working on a Grand Finale episode for several weeks, going out through the end of our game; but when I sat down for final editing today (I hoped), I discovered that no less than 4/5ths of my video had been corrupted somehow. And when I bit the bullet to fire up TTS and Shadowplay to re-record the video, I realized I had erased many of my specific gamenotes about what specific moves I and the other players were making (because for the grand finale I figured I could skip narrating a lot of them, not needing to explain many mechanics now).  :pullhair: L:-) :pullhair: :pullhair: :pullhair: #:-)

The Vassal logfiles still exist, so I can recreate the plays -- and try to adjust for the errors we corrected along the way (not counting a few errors we never caught, which I've still got to mention as such so that viewers will know why I'm including erroneous play). But dang that's going to take more time and effort than I feel like putting back into my work, today anyway.

At best, this is going to massively delay the grand finale some more. And I might just decide to skip trying to produce it altogether, because I'd rather be making and playing other things.

If you want to know which team won and how, I'll include it as a spoiler below.

Spoiler: show
Starting on Turn Twenty-Seven (a few turns from the end of Episode 12), NVA-Dave, having built up his Trail value to 4, which allows him to freely move as many of his units as he wants on, across, and off the Trail for nothing (and having built his cash up to something like 124 equivalent ARVN cash, where I'm limited by the game to 75!), finally leaned over and spat his massive tidal wave of Troops, with some specs, into South Vietnam. At about the same time, his teammate VC-Larry, having spent most of his cash reforging his specs after US-Rich and I kept blasting them off the board, launched the Tet Offensive. This didn't accomplish a whole lot, and it crippled them from using their now-activated specs for a while, but it started pushing Dave's NVA score up steadily.

After a while, I had to just give up trying to do anything in the north of South Nam, and try to staunch the bleeding in the south around Saigon; and Rich's US Troops kept being blown progressively off the board. A little too late I chose to Vietnamize, bringing all the rest of my pieces into Available from Out of Play, but I didn't have time to vomit them onto the board. VC-Larry finally did what I had been worried he would do since the start of the game, and marched a ton of specs into Saigon from those long low-pop provinces to the northeast, taking away my score there and distracting us enough -- with Rich needing to throw an air strike on the city, dropping his own score in the process -- that NVA Dave could march troops into the city.

With the Coup finally arriving at almost the last possible moment, we managed to nerf Dave down to 18 points, below his goalpost, and with the Monsoon preventing Marching I thought I was safe to Vietnamize, since I didn't see how Dave could score one more point before the coup. But Dave managed to do so by Rallying troops various ways across the board to take control of that northernmost mountain province between Laos and Hue (on the border with North Vietnam), and that put him over the goalpost. Team North only needed one player past the post to win, and we had no play, and Larry sure wasn't going to do anything to mess with the score, so Team North won at the third Coup.

We didn't remember at the time that Team North only needed one player past the post to win, so we all continued the game through the 4th coup until the 5th coup, where once again Dave got the NVA past the goalpost, and we remembered then that only one of them had to win for their team to win. Whereupon, I suddenly recalled he had been there before at the 3rd coup, and went back to verify. So I didn't film and narrate those turns out to the 5th coup during the replay: only up to the point where Dave and Larry won in the 3rd Coup.

This was a MASSIVE win for Team North, even though Dave was only barely past the goalpost and Larry had been punched back a lot. Dave, the total COIN-game newbie, had at one point been nuked back to literally one point of score, with only one base remaining on the board and almost no forces. And from there he managed through careful logistic gameplay, to come back from only one point to win it all for his team while Larry ran interference in-country, keeping our united Team South from winning practically by himself.

I badly wanted to show this, for Dave and Larry's sake -- I kept preparing for it dramatically in my replays, so that the audience could appreciate the scale of their win. And I may get around to doing it eventually. I was livid when I discovered my videos had been corrupted and that I had dumbly erased key parts of my written log rather than archiving them somewhere in case of an accident!

But in case I never do, here's the spoiler end of the story.  O:-) All hail Dave and Larry for their brilliant come-from-behind victory!
Tabletop AARs / Re: Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by MengJiao on September 22, 2018, 04:11:26 PM »

PhytoSaurski wasn’t sure what happened next, but the alien told him later (the next morning in fact) that probably the gatling gun hit the first of four missiles, setting it off as an airburst very close to the ship. 
“Hmmm,” Phytosaurski had said later.  “From my point of view, the bridge was a shambles and everyone was dead but me and then there were three more big blasts.  I guess the rest of the missiles all hit.”
“Right,” the alien would say later.  “and I got you off as the ship capsized and here we are about to be captured by German Space Marines.”
“So you rescued me?  Why?” asked Phytosaurski watching the German Space Marines (who in this case had arrived by helicopter from a rather ordinary-looking guided missile frigate in an arctic region of their own home planet) cautiously approach the alien prospecting shelter on the shore of Greenland.
“We Entrepreneurs have a simple – even minimal – moral code, but one line of it goes – always rescue somebody even if their own species is trying to kill everybody,” said the alien running up an eyestalk to peek at the German Space Marines.
“And why weren’t you killed by all explosions and capsizing and so on?”
“I did lose a lot of tentacles and eyestalks – a four-eyestalk battle – sort of proverbial.”
“And you are originally aquatic?”
“Yes.  And how do you say genetically engineered?”
Phytosaurski thought it over.  “I think I usually say genetically engineered.”

Tabletop AARs / Re: Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by MengJiao on September 21, 2018, 12:56:16 PM »
  He pretends to find something interesting on the engine telegraph even farther to the port side of the bridge as the two missiles get closer.

While Phytosaurski was busy on the port side, chaff or jamming spoofed the first of the two remaining Sea Eagles that Phytosaurski had been watching into passing behind the Smell’y.  Phytosaurski was about to heave a sigh of relief, but instead held his breath wondering about missile number 2.  It hit without a flash – nothing but massive explosion, blowing out the port side of the hull abaft the hangar, wrecking the hangar and setting everything on fire.  Phytosaurski didn’t see much but debris falling into the sea.  The engines were still running.  The ship was still turning.  The radars, jammers and missiles were all off line.  The gatling gun was tracking onto a new target: the first of a series of four fresh Sea Eagles coming in very fast.  At least it was doing something useful, maybe.  The missiles would start hitting in much less than a minute.  Not much time to assess the damage.  Maybe they would all miss.  Only one of the first 4 had hit the Smell’y …
“They must really want to sink this ship,” Phytosaurski noted as he worked on not standing on the starboard side.  He had gotten over there to look at the damage.  Except for huge fires and twisted missile launchers and radars, nothing looked too bad.
“Why?” squealed the alien as Phytosaurski got on his port side.

Tabletop AARs / Re: Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by MengJiao on September 21, 2018, 06:59:36 AM »
Been chatting with Rod Serling again, Meng?

  I think what happened in a nutshell, was that I stumbled across a pile of my old Harpoon stuff whilst sorting things in my all-new man cavern.

  So that must have gone something like this: I decide to look into some of the plastic bins that I have randomly removed from the barn and transported to the new cavern.  I'm guessing the box of harpoon stuff was under a box of old "computer stuff" (as in "You never know when you might need  a couple of hundred pounds of RCA plugs and cables.") and I'm guessing it was at first innocently disguised under a layer of Fear God and Dread Nought-type things.
And then...(cue twilight-zone-music "doodoodoodowa - doodoodoodowa") there's Harpoon4 and a lot of items back to the original 1987 game.

   The components I have only cover up to about 2002 so I need a "future" that is roughly 20-30 years behind the times and a reason for that and a reason for a war (aliens looking for Cobalt) and a locale (Greenland and the SuperSized Gulf stream and vast undersea coal deposits that are about to emerge due to the falling sea levels).  The opposing sides are Russia and Mediterranean powers versus the Atlantic Powers (France, UK, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands)
Tabletop AARs / Re: Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by besilarius on September 21, 2018, 05:00:03 AM »
Been chatting with Rod Serling again, Meng?
Tabletop AARs / Re: Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by MengJiao on September 20, 2018, 09:51:10 PM »
2022 – what can I tell you? 

 “Full alert! ” Cries Commie Phytosaurski.  “All countermeasures active.  Guns and missiles released to fire!  Full speed!  Hard to port!”  He thinks the turn may mask the defensive guns and missiles from some angles, but it makes the Smell’y a smaller target and might offer some protection for everything except the helicopter and its hangar.
“Oh, no,” groans the alien Entrepreneur as the crew of the Smell’y scrambles into action.  Phytosaurski is looking through his binoculars as the approaching aircraft launches two big missiles.  One misfires as the jet turns away.  The missile swerves off in a helix of smoke while the other missile heads right for Smell’y 
The Goa SAM’s leave the ship, tracking the jet and the gatling guns start shooting at the jet also at extreme range as the aircraft turns away to the south.  The remaining antiship missile heads right on in at close to the speed of sound with nothing to steer it away from a direct hit on the Smell’y except clouds of chaff and lots of jamming.
Everyone on the bridge watches the missile heading for them.  They are too focused on it to notice a second aircraft launching two more antiship missiles from a little closer than the first after a slightly higher and slightly more steady run.
The first missile goes into the chaff behind the ship and explodes.  Everyone on the bridge is cautiously happy for a moment and then they notice those two more antiship missiles coming in one after the other as the jet that fired them turns away and another comes down into firing position – the third.
“How many are there?” wonders the alien.
“This doesn’t look good,” Phytosaurski notes as he lowers his binoculars and checks for a quick way off the bridge.  The plump, if streamlined, alien is definitely in the way and takes up a lot of room with all those tentacles and eyestalks. Phytosaurski looks back at the incoming missiles, now very low over the gray waves.  He figures he has nearly a minute before they hit.  Every second begins to mean something.  The missiles he decides are probably Sea Eagles – the warheads are only about 230 kilos.  If they hit low and aft the bridge should be as safe as anywhere on the ship.  So he takes a deep breath and suggests that somebody reset the gatling guns to search for a new target, using the distraction of this petulant command to put the fishy-smelling alien on his own personal starboard side.  Peeking to the port, Phytosaurski notes the location of a life-raft not too far off on that side.  He pretends to find something interesting on the engine telegraph even farther to the port side of the bridge as the two missiles get closer. 

Tabletop AARs / Greenland Sea: April 28, 2022
« Last post by MengJiao on September 20, 2018, 12:59:07 PM »
2022 – what can I tell you?  After Lyndon Baines Johnson and Mao-tse-tong died face down in the mud at the very moment they crushed Vietnam in 1969…things began to turn worse for the planet.  Eager to dwell in Asia, the US Airforce moved mostly to China, but in a tragic, accidental, nuclear war with itself, in 1972, the US Airforce “ironically” obliterated most of China and nearly all of South Dakota.
In the wake of an accidental thermonuclear “conflict”…half the world’s population and 80% of its industry vanished overnight as catastrophic global cooling ensued.  Frantically mining coal day and night and burning it as fast as possible in vast pits, the planet’s surviving population barely managed to keep food crops going.  Most non-aquatic animal species died and so, 50 years after the war, 2022 dawned bleak and minimal as a few alien entrepreneurs turned up to prospect for cobalt under the ever-growing margins of the icecap.
In terms of technology, the world is 20 or30 years behind where it would have been without an accidental thermonuclear “conflict”…
And so we find Captain Commie Pytor Phytosaurski emoting to himself on the bridge of an aging guided-missile destroyer approaching an inlet in Greenland.  The massive current of the Super Gulf Stream (Super-sized by the effects of global cooling) makes the approach over the ever-shallower Greenland Sea somewhat tricky even for a crew and captain as experienced as that of the Commie Smell’y…
Under the low, gray stratus of the endless showers of late April, Smell’y moves at a careful eight knots, pinging vigorously with her Improved Rubikon (stripped from an old submarine, but still potent) to make sure of the depth under her keel in the murky, whale-filled flood.
“Captain?  What’s that?” murmurs the alien waving his tentacles.
“Something emotional happened to me a long time ago,” sighs Commie Phytosaurski.
“Is the radar working?” mutters the alien.
Loud voices erupt on the bridge.  The old air search radar has picked up something.  A whiff of something low and fast off to starboard coming in over the massive, fresh gray ice of Greenland.  “There!”   As the approaching aircraft comes down under the clouds, the cockpit shines for a second and the whole jet shows up dark gray with a haze of exhaust behind it.
“What is it?” asks Commie Phytosaurski.

Digital Gaming AARs / Re: US 2018 Congressional Election-A Congress Infinity AAR
« Last post by Tripoli on September 16, 2018, 04:16:37 PM »
17-24 August

Despite my best efforts, I've been having trouble keeping to my original intent to do a day-by-day campaign tracking the current senate race.  I'm going to switch to a weekly update until I get caught up  :-[

For the week for 17-24 August, I realize that my cash burn rate is too high, with only  $80.3 million left by the end of August.   I create two fund raising surrogates: Mitch McConell and  the head of the RNC, Ronna McDaniel.  While neither is as good as the POTUS or VPOTUS in fundraising, I need Trump and Pence to get out the vote.  I also start creating cheaper radio and web-based advertisements, while saving my powder for the more expensive TV ads for later in the campaign.

The DNC's ads seem to be directed mainly at Health Care and the Economy.  Thus far, these don't seem to be making much headway.  Currently, the RNC is slated to pick up Florida and Missouri, and West Virginia too close to call.  Arizona and North Dakota are also in the toss up category, so current projectsion have the RNC  picking  up as many as 54 seats.

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