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Digital Gaming AARs / Re: C:MANO AAR: Bay of Bengal 1999
« Last post by Pete Dero on Today at 03:12:37 AM »
Thanks for a very entertaining AAR.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: C:MANO AAR: Bay of Bengal 1999
« Last post by IICptMillerII on Today at 02:32:23 AM »
Finale Part Two

Most of my Hornets are refueling. Only one flight stands between the enemy bombers and my ships. Two VAMPIRES are on their way, with more likely to follow. As we resume the scenario, the flight of Hornets gets close enough to the VAMPIRES to fire AMRAAMs at them.

Youíll notice that the AMRAAMs are not technically in range of the VAMPIRES yet. The reason they can be fired at this range is due to the rate of closure and the fact that the VAMPIRES are non-maneuvering targets. Simple physics will get my AMRAAMs close to the enemy missiles. After that, its up to the seekers to inertially guide the AMRAAMs home.

Moments later, with still half of their fuel/flight time, the AMRAAMs close with and destroy one of the VAMPIRES. The second manages to miss two AMRAAMs and continues on towards my ships. The flight of Hornets press on farther to engage the enemy bombers.

One of the flights of Hornets currently refueling is able to fire off an AMRAAM shot at the closing VAMPIRE. This is likely the wingman of the aircraft currently in the process of refueling.

Itís a bit of a wild shot, but if its able to knock down the second VAMPIRE then Iím all for it.

The AMRAAM misses, and none of the other refueling aircraft are in a permissible weapons envelope. The VAMPIRE continues on.

One of the Sea Shadows on refueling duty is able to identify one of the SAM sites near the Indian airfield with its ELINT suite.

Even though the SAM site is now identified, none of my ELINT equipped aircraft are able to get an exact fix on its location, so I am unable to fire any Tomahawks at it.

There is little time to be frustrated however, as the second VAMPIRE is now within SAM range of my ships. Two missiles streak out to intercept it.

At the same time, my flight of Hornets begins engaging the incoming bombers with AMRAAMs. Hopefully this flight is able to keep these incoming bombers distracted long enough to prevent more VAMPIRES from being fired.

In a heart pounding moment, the first friendly SAM fired at the VAMPIRE misses its target. Luckily, the second SAM finds its target, and the immediate threat to my ships is once again eliminated. Its really coming down to the wire.

The closest Badger bomber is shot down by the flight of Hornets, with the second Badger behind it already being engaged by another AMRAAM. HoweverÖ

Damn! The Bear bombers, farther back behind the Badgers, are able to fire off another two VAMPIRES.

The two new missiles quickly close on my Hornets, and two more AMRAAMs are fired after them.

One of the VAMPIRES is shot down, but the other makes it through. This is becoming a themeÖ

Both Badger bombers are hit by AMRAAMs, but neither are shot down. However, both turn tail and head back to base, with more AMRAAMs following them. I order my flight of Hornets, now running low on AMRAAMs, to burn for the Bear bomber to the rear. Hopefully they can close the distance fast enough to get missiles on the Bear before its able to fire on my ships.

Two of the three flights refueling finish and begin heading towards the enemy bombers. They have 3/4ths fuel load and plenty of missiles. At the least, they may be able to interdict incoming VAMPIRES as they make their way to the intercept point.

The bad news is, there are still more bombers appearing over the airfield. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

Another AMRAAM slams into an already stricken Badger bomber, but still it refuses to fall out of the sky. Then, his wingman is hit by an AMRAAM. A few moments later, the first Badger is hit by a third AMRAAM, yet still refuses to go down.

Then there is a spasm of good and bad news. First, the remaining VAMPIRE is shot down by the refueled Hornets making their way to the intercept point. At almost the same moment, this happens:

The enemy bombers that appeared above the airfield are identified. More Bears. This is not good. These Bears are able to fire their missiles at ranges that are on the edge of my ability to interdict. Whatís more, there is another Foxbat flying around near the coast, chasing down any of my aircraft that get too close.

Just after taking this screenshot, an intercepting Foxbat starts firing missiles at my Hornets. Then, I get a message that one of my ASW helos ran out of fuel and had to ditch. The situation is now completely absurd.

The two incoming VAMPIRES are shot down by my SAMs, but moments later more VAMPIRES are fired.

At this point I decide to task all of my Hornets to intercept incoming VAMPIRES. It is clear that I will not be able to get close enough to the Bears before they are able to fire their missiles. Iím better off positioning the Hornets to shoot down the fired missiles.

A bit of a brawl occurs. Some Bears are shot down, then a Foxbat gets in and fires a few missiles at my Hornets, but all of them miss. More VAMPIRES are fired, and yet more bombers appear in the sky over the airfield. The circus refuses to end.

There is some good news however. My ELINT aircraft have finally nailed down the locations of the enemy SAM and radar sites, and I begin engaging them with the Benfoldís Tomahawks. Finally, I can put the massive stockpile of these weapons to some use.

With the good news comes more bad. I now only have 1 CAP flight left in the air with radar missiles. And there are yet more bombers being launched from the airfield. In another few minutes, more VAMPIRES are in the air, and Iíve expended the last of my AMRAAMs.

My ships are dangerously low on SAMs and it appears that there will be plenty more VAMPIRES on the way. There is one saving grace. A handful of my SLAM equipped ASuW aircraft have re-armed. Each aircraft carries two AMRAAMs. I may have to launch these aircraft as close in defense of my ships against the incoming VAMPIRES.

As if to illustrate the point, a single VAMPIRE, dodging everything thrown at it, closes on the Benfold.

Seconds later, the inevitable happens:

The Benfold is sunk.

To add insult to injury, there is a Foxbat chasing down my aircraft that are returning to base, and 5 more Bear bombers bearing down on my remaining ships.

Suddenly it becomes clear what the Foxbatís real target is. Its going for my AEW aircraft!

There have been enough disasters and ridiculous circumstances in this battle. Iím not losing my AEW aircraft. I immediately retask the closest Hornet flight, armed with only Sidewinders and with 20 minutes of fuel left to intercept the Foxbat.

A knifefight ensues.

Absurdly, both Sidewinders fired at the Foxbat miss. The Foxbat presses on the AEW aircraft. I retask two more Hornets to turn around and use their remaining Sidewinders on the Foxbat, but it might be too late. Suddenly, the Foxbat turns and gives my Hornets one last chance to fire a Sidewinder. Itís a hit!

The damn thing survives the hit however. My Hornets close in and fire guns. The first volley misses. Then, the second Hornet in the flight gets an opportunity and fires the last remaining Sidewinder. It hits the Foxbat, and kills it for good. I order the Hornets to RTB.

The Bear bombers are starting to get uncomfortably close, but for some reason have not fired any missiles yet. Its time to intercept them. I have a single Tomcat that is armed and ready to go. He will fly alone and lob Phoenix missiles at the incoming Bear bombers. I also have a single Hornet with AMRAAMs also ready to go. He will also be launched by himself. Generally speaking, it is a cardinal sin to fly without a wingman, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides, it is already clear based on the events of the battle thus far that there will be quite the shake up in the chain of command of this carrier group.

The Tomcat gets in range of the Bears, and fires all 4 of his Phoenix missiles.

Iíve set both aircraft to expend all of their munitions, including their guns. This is a desperate act, but a necessary one.

Consistent with my luck this entire battle, all 4 Phoenix missiles miss their targets. Itís time for the AMRAAMs and Sparrows to have a go, then the Sidewinders, and then cannon.

As this engagement begins to unfold and Sparrows and AMRAAMs are launched, the Tomahawks fired by the Benfold smash into their targets, destroying a long range search radar. The Benfold gets vengeance from the grave, though it is little consolidation for the loss of the ship.

All radar missiles are fired, and we manage to score 4 hits. 3 Bears have been shot down, with one more being hit and damaged.

2 of the Bears turn tail, while the 3rd decides to keep coming. The Hornet goes after the 3rd Bear while the Tomcat chases the other two down.

The Hornet hits its target with a Sidewinder. A few moments after being hit, the Bear falls apart in mid air. The Tomcat closes with one of the fleeing Bears and engages with a Sidewinder, but misses. Then, as he screams past the Bear, the bomber lets off a rip of its tail guns. Seconds later, as the Tomcat is swinging back around, another burst of tail gun fire chases after it. Luckily, both bursts miss the Tomcat. As the Tomcat comes back around, the Bear, already damaged from a previous missile hit, succumbs to its damage and falls out of the sky. Now there is only one enemy bomber left, and he is running.

I order the Tomcat, now out of all missiles, to RTB while the Hornet with one Sidewinder left pursues the remaining Bear. Another one on one brawl erupts. The Hornet fires its last Sidewinder and misses, then fires a burst of its cannon which also misses. Then the Bear returns fire with its own cannons, but also misses. The Hornet closes in from the front and fires a burst head on, but misses again. The Bear fires at the Hornet as it pulls away and misses. The Hornet turns, closes in for another burst, and lets loose. Itís a hit! But the Bear stays airborne. The Hornet comes around again and lines up a head on shot. He fires, and hits! The Bearís cockpit is shredded by 20mm rounds, and the aircraft finally tumbles from the sky.

The skies are clear and all aircraft are RTB. I allow around 20 minutes of game time to pass as my aircraft return and land on the carrier. ThenÖ

More bogies appear. A whole lot of them too. They appear to be mostly smaller aircraft, such as the Su-17 Fitter and the Mig-27 Flogger.

As if the situation could not get any more absurd.

Its time to take inventory of the situation. There are 30 minutes left in the scenario time. All of my CAP aircraft are still rearming. I have a handful of SLAM and AMRAAM equipped Hornets ready to go. My ships SAM batteries are nearly dry, and reduced to close in SAMs like the Sea Sparrow. Iíve lost two ships and at least a dozen aircraft. The battle has been raging now for 35 hours and it appears there is no end in sight.

The good news is, I have caused some pretty significant damage to the Indian bomber fleet, and completely destroyed the Indian surface fleet. The threat of a naval invasion against Sri Lanka has been averted.

The bad news is, I simply do not have the combat power necessary to continue to reduce enemy capability. The single biggest limiting factor is my inability due to the scenario to strike the enemy airfields. This will be explained and discussed in the post battle analysis that will follow this final update.

My conclusion is this: I am withdrawing my Task Force to the Southeast of Sri Lanka, and requesting additional assets if continued action against the Indians is required. The Olympia will remain on station and patrol the coast of Sri Lanka, providing intelligence data as well as engaging any remaining Indian naval vessels that attempt to approach the Sri Lankan coast.

This is the final sitrep. I allow time to run out, and the scenario comes to an end.

This is the final screen showing the scoring:

India suffered the following losses:

1x MRK Nanuchka I [Pr.1234 Ovod]
1x D 61 Delhi [Pr.15]
1x RK Osa II [Pr.205U]
1x D 51 Rajput [Pr.61ME Kashin II]
20x Sea Harrier Mk51
5x Tu-16K-26PM Badger G Mod
1x BPK Kresta II [Pr.1134A Berkut A]
1x BPK Kara [Pr.1134B Berkut B]
1x RKR Admiral Nakhimov [Pr.1144.2 Orlan, Ex-Kalinin]
1x S 44 Shishumar [Type 209-1500]
3x Ka-28 Helix A
1x R 22 Viraat [Hermes]
1x S 71 Chakra [PLARK-670 Charlie I]
1x BPK Udaloy I [Pr.1155 Fregat]
1x EM Sovremenny I [Pr.956A Sarych]
1x EM Sovremenny I [Pr.956 Sarych]
10x Tu-22M-2 Backfire B
2x MiG-25PD Foxbat E
1x Tu-16N Badger A
6x Tu-95K-22 Bear G
1x Radar (Flat Face B [P-19])

The US Navy suffered the following losses:

7x F/A-18C Hornet
1x F/A-18C Hornet
3x F-14D Tomcat
3x SH-60B Seahawk
1x FFG 36 Underwood [Perry Class]
1x DDG 51 Arleigh Burke [Arleigh Burke Flight I]

Note: The Seahawks were not shot down, but had to ditch due to running out of fuel.

This concludes my AAR of the scenario Bay of Bengal 1999. It certainly was a wild ride. I hope everyone here who has read from the beginning has enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed making this AAR. As mentioned above, there will be a post combat analysis post by me in the coming day or so where I will go into detail about various things, like why I could not engage the Indian airfields, or my thoughts on my overall performance. Stay tuned for that. Iíll also end that post with a bit of a surprise announcement.

In the meantime, feel free to post any feedback you may have, whether it is tactical or technical. Do you think Admiral Miller will keep his command? Or are the losses suffered too great? Further, do you think Task Force Nimitz was able to accomplish its mission given the circumstances? Any and all feedback is most welcome.

Thanks again for sticking with the AAR till the bitter end!
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 06:53:58 PM »
And they've improved the AI since then with routines from DC2 and DC3!  :hide:

I have to presume that the key on the northern front is to connect to the rail network through the Gdynia salient freakishly fast and then rail the 19th corps over to Brandt's Gruppe pronto. Maybe rail the 21st over to Wodrig's, too, and hope the AI is historical (dumb?) enough to just sit there with its Polish corps congratulating itself on scaring off the Nazis.

The more larger-scale wargames I play, though, the more I realize the Nazis got lucky against inept opponents early enough to have what looked like a shot at keeping Europe for themselves.

(...not that this explains my loss against you in DC3... ;) )
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: C:MANO AAR: Bay of Bengal 1999
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 05:47:57 PM »
No, no. I'm in no hurry until my heart stops pounding.  :hide:
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by Barthheart on Yesterday at 03:08:54 PM »
Looking at this timeline of the campaign....

I don't think it's even possible against the AI... the movement rates aren't big enough...

Now I REALLY want to try it....  :D

Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 02:07:34 PM »
I sure as heck wouldn't move the 8th Army that way against a human player; the Poznan army would have all the opportunity in the world to fall upon the logistic tail and that would be the end. I wouldn't move the 21st Corps off station for much the same reason: that's just inviting trouble from a human commander who isn't early 20th century Polish.

Looks like the 14th Army had a lot less trouble against Krakov than would be expected against a modern human player, too: sweeping right by it would be disastrous unless the human player pulled back everyone to stack in the city so that a short circumference noose could be hung around it preventing breakouts.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by Barthheart on Yesterday at 12:00:14 PM »
Having found this, I now want to play the game using exactly these maneuvers and see if I can make it work.....
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by JasonPratt on Yesterday at 10:54:41 AM »
Okay, fair point. Although I can't see that happening in DC1, especially against a competent player who wouldn't let Falkenwrath's corps just pull back and loop around to push south along Wodrig's path. Maaaaybeee the 19th Corps could loop across the Polish Gdynia salient all the way over to where Brandt's Gruppe was pushing down south (west of Grodno) to V(W)isnia (and the famous 40:1 block).

But clearly they did it in real life; and not the fault of the designer trying to balance the map by ahistorical positioning. I should make a followup episode correcting my annoyance about this.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by Sir Slash on Yesterday at 09:39:44 AM »
I don't know how XIX Corp got through those swamps. I never could in the game.
Digital Gaming AARs / Re: DC1: Warsaw to Paris - Jason vs Barthheart
« Last post by Barthheart on Yesterday at 08:39:44 AM »
0.) The campaign designer(s?) chose to put the famous 19th Corps with all its famous power and leaders (Rommel, Guderian, etc.), totally out of position. Even Falkenwrath (or whatever his name was, in my headcanon it's this so there  :P ) was largely out of position -- and he was the most competent corps remaining in East Prussia! In their place were a weak reservist division (treated like a corps, Brandt's Gruppe); and a weak corps made of two weak reservist divisions (Wodrig's). Plus some scattered auxiliaries attached to the army HQ, like a sizeable but still reservist garrison division that would take me several turns to a-historically move out of place to try to make up for problems.

Man for the longest time now this statement has stuck in my brain.... because I believed it to be a false one but couldn't find an easy way to disprove it.

This map shows the disposition of the Germans on Aug. 31, 1939. XIX Corps and XXI Corps in the game are exactly where shown on this map.

This next map shows the German operations for the 1st 2 weeks of the campaign and you can see how XIX Corps moves across the top of the map, through East Prussia and then down towards Brest. Also XXI Corps moves east across East Prussia before coming down on top of Lomzo.

I think you might have been thinking of where they operated not where they first started.

Whew! Now my OCD can let me sleep at night....  ;)
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